Write Field Reports And Learn To Pickup Girls Faster

writing field reportImagine you went just woke up on a Sunday afternoon and had a crazy and wild time the night before. You hazily recall a few minor details of you approaching sets like an animal and hooking nearly every set. You got a few numbers and even some make-outs! But what really is on your mind is this particular set towards the end of the the night. At this point you were a little tipsy and can barely remember what happened, but you do remember approaching a bombshell that was exactly your type. You guys hit it off well for a while, but for some unknown reason the set just fell apart towards the end. Try as you might, you can just can’t put your finger on it. Was it something you said, how you said it, did you ignore her friends? Etc, etc…

This is an example of missed, golden opportunity on writing a field report the night before as it was fresh in your mind so you can analyze it and improve from it for futures sets. Many guys don’t realize the benefit of writing detailed field reports. Some may think it just takes too much time and it’s not worth it. I used to be one of those guys until I met a group of PUAs in Vegas and found the immense benefits of field reports. The first couple weeks I would go out and have little to no success. Every night I would go out and focus on only a couple things that I saw needed improvement the night or day before. I would write my successes and failures in my field report and ask for feedback from others. Most of these guys had more experience and knowledge so there analysis was invaluable.

Each night I would see an improvement in my game. I worked my way up from getting over approaching 1 set then multiple sets, holding a conversation, breaking rapport, qualification, building comfort, staying in set, escalation, handling logistics and LMR and finally closing (first numbers, then kisses, and finally sex). I started getting make-outs regularly within a couple weeks, had my first lay soon after and then my first same night lay. After a couple months in Vegas, I ended up quadrupling my lay count and getting better at a faster rate. If you stay persistent and maintain an outside and calm perspective of yourself, you will be able to correctly analyze yourself with no ego and able to determine any valuable feedback you get from others. You will learn from that and blast through those sticking points and see great success. What have you learned from writing your field reports?

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