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There’s this new app for your phone coming out. It’s called Wingman and it’s like the mile high club for Tinder. Tinder on a plane? Somebody call Samuel L. Motherfuckin’ Jackson…

When I first read about this Wingman app for airline hookups, I was immediately intrigued. This sounds like a lot of fun if enough people actually use it and can get your game started before you even get off the plane. They might use the wifi on the plane or the bluetooth capabilities of the phones to connect potential matches. Once you get a match and start messaging and built enough rapport and attraction, you can set up plans to see each other once you get off the plane and exchange numbers.

What if you actually want to join the mile-high-club? Using the Wingman app for hookups 3000 feet in the air might require a little more finesse. Once you’ve already matched, maybe you want to meet them before you get your freak on. Do you try to get a seat next to them if there is even one available or just meet on the aisle near the bathroom without being conspicuous? It’s hard to say… If you want to keep updated on the app check out the Wingman website.

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