Why You Need To Know Game And Have Fun

People in night club. Dancing, drinking and having funYou can get laid easily if you’re having fun and have no expectations. Don’t make it harder for yourself by having high expectations and straining yourself to get the girl when it should be an enjoyable experience.

The other night I pulled this girl into a rooftop bathroom from another venue within 15 minutes in front of her friends without even trying and you can too. Read through the rest of this article to get the lay report on how I did this.

The main reason I was able to pull this off was because I went out to literally just have fun so my inner game was completely on point and made the outer game I’ve learned through experience super easy to pull off and solve logistics.

My inner game was already great because I was confident and felt comfortable in social situations (I’m still working on celebrity and high status game, but I’m getting better at it), but I forgot how having fun made everything so much easier.

Outer Game Vs. Inner Game

Outer game is great because it is independent of state, meaning you don’t need to feel good in order to get results and get the girl. I’ve gone out many times and felt like shit, but still managed to pull a girl and have a great night at the end.

Outer game is the tactics, techniques and technical behaviors you demonstrate to create attraction, build investment and comfort with her and solves logistics so you can take her home. Check out this list of outer game tactics you can use.

Inner game is the mindset and beliefs you have about yourself and the environment that gives you high self-esteem and confidence to naturally attract women, but you still need to know how to solve logistics and seal the deal.

For most new guys in the game, giving them vague advice like, “Just have fun! Be yourself and just be confident!” will most likely do jack shit for them since they’ve been hearing this advice all their lives and it hasn’t made a difference yet.

There are no applicable or straightforward steps to get access to that state of mind when you’ve haven’t really felt confident or comfortable enough to have fun in your life, especially in high stressful social situations such as nightclubs.

For this reason, it’s best to learn outer game first and start getting results so you build up your confidence. The better you get and knowing you have the skills to get girls will boost your inner game.

Competence breeds confidence.

The best mindset you should have is the growth mindset, meaning you approach situations with curiosity and experiment with enthusiasm because you know you will gain some valuable insight or discovery to help you grow and progress.

This mindset is not only crucial in the beginning in your journey to learn game, when you are bound to face rejections as you experiment and calibrate, it’s also important as you become more advanced so you never stagnate or even regress.

Once you practice and internalize the outer game principles and techniques, then you can practically game on autopilot and really start getting amazing results when you have the right mindsets.

Outer game trumps inner game.

You can feel good about yourself and attract girls nearby because you’re confident and have a good energy about you…

But if you don’t know how to logistically get her alone to seal the deal, then you’re just short fun time for her where you’ve pumped her BT, and then some other guy takes advantage of the work you’ve done and takes her home…

But when you combine outer and inner game… you get some crazy results.

I was reminded of this the other night, when I went out with the sole purpose of having fun and being social and no other expectations.

I went out to the city and immediately started talking to everybody as if I’m their friend and just having a fun conversation with no agenda at all, but still had a girl approach me and allow me to bring her into the bathroom with me.

I wasn’t trying to take value. I was only giving value. I talked to both guys and girls like we were close friends and I was just giving out positive vibes.

I’ve done this before a while ago, but somehow fell out of the habit when I started getting lots of quick results and bathroom pulls so I may have started to develop some high expectations or entitlements…

I wanted to see how far I could take it so I tried to bathroom pull almost every girl and do it in the shortest amount of time as possible (sometimes less than 10 minutes)…

And while I was able to rapidly escalate to kisses, make-outs and isolate them, it didn’t always lead to the bathroom because I felt entitled, and I wasn’t enjoying the experience and the girls may have felt I was a little too bold or aggressive…

So I had to make a conscious decision to just socialize and have fun that night and… let me tell you… it made a HUGE difference.

Rooftop Bathroom Lay Report

I made a last minute decision to travel to the city and just have fun. I decided to go out alone and create some fun experiences with new people.

I took the train from Jersey to New York and immediately started talking with people on the train and on the streets once I got into the city. I was just being fun and playful with no agenda or not trying to screen and solve for logistics quickly.

I realized that was one of the major things that was making things feel rushed, less enjoyable and efficient when I was trying to solve for logistics too quickly.

Instead of asking what they are doing after this, where they are staying, etc. within the first couple minutes, I was taking it much slower and just being fun and playfully teasing them and enjoying the conversation.

They would start asking me questions and I would casually ask the logistical questions in a natural way that flowed in the conversation.

Asking logistical questions quickly in a casual way is a good drill I have my students do so they get used to asking this questions early on, but it shouldn’t be a habit to rush through them once you’re good at asking them.

I got in this long line to go for one of the bars in Meatpacking District and started talking with people online. I went go situational and commented on how long the line was and then started asking people where they are from.

We were talking about Copa America games since they were from Chile and we had a pleasant conversation. I was building up my state with the people around me because I could always go back and talk with them if I saw them inside.

I walked into the bar and did a few pre-opens before I made my way to the dance floor. I forgot how easy it was to have fun, build state and meet other people on the dance floor because I had been focusing more on verbal game lately.

Have Fun And Attract Girls On The Dance Floors

After I got my drink at the bar by the dance floor, I started dancing to one of my favorite songs and genuinely enjoying myself. I occasionally made eye contact with people around me and we smiled as we really got into the music.

I did big, wild and fun movements to the beat of the music and the guys and girls were smiling and cheering me on, and one guy gave me a high-five.

The guy actually hinted that I approach the 2 girls dancing by themselves. Seemed liked he wanted a wing to divide the girls and dance with them.

I was game so I approached one of the girls and playfully danced to the side of her and did a small booty bump.

She smiled and danced to the side of me and I then grabbed her one of her hands at a transitional point in the song and spun her.

The transitional point could be the start of a beat measure or hook of the song so it’s smooth move and doesn’t seem like it comes out of nowhere. I love dancing with rhythm because it’s more fun and it seems to build compliance more easily.

Women love a man that can dance.

I danced with her for a bit and the other guy tried to dance with the other friend, but she wasn’t totally into it because he tried to dance with her from behind from the approach, which is a BIG No-No.

Always make eye contact with a girl first and start dancing from the side or front so she sees you. NEVER start dancing from behind without eye contact.

She politely moved to the side away from him and kept dancing, but doesn’t go back to the friend I’m dancing with because she sees we are having a good time. I put my drink back on the bar for a minute so I could use both hands to dance.

dancing in a club

A few of their other girl friends came to dance with us and a small dance circle started forming. We’re vibing and having fun with everybody.

I dance with 1 or 2 more girls for a bit and then head back to the bar so I can grab my drink.

I smiled and continue grooving and some more props from others, either because of my dance moves, that fact I was dancing with a few girls, or maybe because I was just being a genuinely cool and fun guy.

Before I was able to get my drink from the bar, this girl came out of nowhere and started grinding her ass HARD on me.

I just smile and give a playful confused look at her friends nearby who are looking at us and they also had a funny surprised face.

I didn’t want to seem needy or arrogant that I’m grinding with this new random girl, which is true I wasn’t need or arrogant because I was just having fun.

I was acting non-needy in an unconscious level but wanted to make sure her friends didn’t feel like I was too eager and cock block so I consciously by gave a playful confused look by with a small grin and raised eyebrow.

I eventually turn her around and make-out with her and pull back a few times to tease her so she would be chasing and keep coming back for more.

We switch grinding positions a few times and I start doing one of my signature moves, “The Jackhammer”, where I rubbed my leg in between her legs for a while and she was really moving her hips and rubbing herself hard on it.


I then said “I think I’m going to sleep over your place…”, which is I line I heard from DistantLight and then she grabbed me harder and pulled me in.

After grinding and making out with her for a few more minutes, I then asked her, “You want to get out of here?”

She nodded and I started leading her by the wrist. Technically, it would have been better to just tell her, “Let’s get out of her…” instead of asking but I still had more than enough compliance since she wasn’t letting me de-escalate the make-out.

I lead her behind her friends who were dancing because I didn’t want them to see us leave. I’m pretty sure they still saw us, but surprisingly we walked right past them without them stopping us at all.

My goal was to bounce her to another venue where we could use the private bathrooms and close her there.

I knew she lived in New Jersey and came with her friends and I also lived far out in New Jersey so logistics weren’t great. It’s much easier to close her now while her BT is hot and we have isolation from her friends.

We walked just past the bathrooms at the bar and make-out for a bit there. I couldn’t really pull her into the bathrooms at the bar because they were public and they have staff members nearby.

I started walking again towards the front and she says she can’t leave her friends. I told her we’ll be right back, and she followed. She’s giving valid excuses and I was giving her valid reasoning and answering her objections.

She stopped one more time right before the exit, and we made-out some more and she gave the same excuse she can’t leave. I gave the same justification that we’ll be right back, and that I just want to go outside for a bit, and she followed.

We get outside and we started walking towards the end of the block, she said she has to go back to her friends, and I tell her that we’ll be back in a few minutes.

I’m getting compliance from her by babystepping the bounce with moves throughout the venue so it’s easier for her by lowering her compliance threshold and pumping her BT with make-outs to bypass any logical reasoning.

My initial plan was to pull her into the private bathroom at the hotel nearby behind the restaurant and lounge, but one of the staff members asked us if we were going to the rooftop, which is a nightclub.

I didn’t want to deal with all the distractions of the nightclub so I said no, but she said yes more loudly than me and nodded her head, so he pointed to the entrance to the rooftop club.

I decided to just go along with it because I figured he was trying to stop people to go into the hotel unless they were guests, and I knew the rooftop club also had private bathrooms so I could close her in there.

We get in line for the rooftop, and I saw they turned down a few dudes in the front when the doormen said there was a “private event”. I knew they always say that to groups of guys to steer them away.

I hoped they would let us in since I was with a girl but it was still fairly late (2am), and sometimes it can be difficult  to get into the club later in the night because they want you to get there early so you spend more money on drinks.

Thankfully, they let us 2 in and we made-out 1 more time before we get in the elevator.

Once we are upstairs, I make an immediate right and go straight to the bathroom.

There was a small line at first so I just make-out with her some more to keep her BT high and do some fluff talk about the venue we were in. She looked at the view of the city from the unisex bathrooms and used the sink.

I noticed a door open, and I get her attention by grabbing her arm and leading her into the private bathroom with no resistance or objections. I started making out with her and she said she has to go back to her friends.

I kept kissing because her body was speaking louder than her words. She kept escalating by pulling me in harder and making out with me more.

I started doing some foreplay and she started moaning and asked I have a condom. Boom!

After we finished, we started getting dressed and walked her back to the bar I met her so she can meet up with her friends.

We randomly bump into her friends while walking down the street and they are happy to see her. One of her friends was upset and smacked her because they were trying to find her and she didn’t have her phone LOL!

I asked her if she wants to take down my number, and she grabbed her phone from her friend, and I saved my name as “Will Hot Colombian” to give some callback humor so she remembers me, and I have her text me her name.

I receive some of the tension from some of her friends being worried about her friend so I said, “Yay! Happy Ending!” and one of their friends smiled and said the same thing LOL!

I then gave my girl a hug and told her to text me tomorrow and then I said good bye to her friends and told them to get home safe.

From open to the pull or extraction was 15 minutes. There was an additional 10 minutes during the bounce until we were at the sex location (bathroom) and an additional 5 minutes of foreplay until the full close, so about 30 minutes total.

This all happened because I was having fun and literally had no expectations, other than to socialize with other people and genuinely have a good time, but I still had the skills necessary to know when to isolate and go for the pull.

The women saw how much fun I was having and how much preselection I had from dancing with the other girls and social proof I had by having a good time with all the guys.

This created enough attraction where a random girl would start grinding on me and all I had to do was escalate and isolate.

If you are new to game, you should focus on learning the outer game techniques and behaviors first and then you’ll start to develop more confidence and inner game will be stronger once you start getting results.

The inner game beliefs and mindsets will be much easier to implement when you have a solid foundation of techniques and behaviors to use. Your outer game will be more efficient when you are free from outcome and just having fun.

My dance floor game and social skills are built into my subconscious so allowing it to flourish while having fun made everything so much easier. Build the skill-set and always have fun and enjoy the experience.

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