When You Are In A Funky Mood… | Part 2

funky moodIt’s not the 1960s anymore. Nobody wants to be a in a funky mood. However, there are still moments and phases where we are just out of it. Our actions don’t always seem make sense or may come off uncalibrated. The important thing to realize is that it is temporary and that you just keep moving towards what you want. This is what I did when I went out last weekend when I was in a funk.

I was walking through the streets of Meatpacking District in NYC. I saw a hot 2 set, blonde and brunette (HB8s), about a block away from behind. I didn’t even think or hesitate, I just started running to catch up to them. I then slowed down my pace and started walking slightly ahead of them. I opened them from side and complimented their dresses. They were very receptive and said thank you with big smiles. They were hot from the front too and had a sexy foreign accent I couldn’t figure out from where.

I transitioned into a conversation and started qualifying them. They were compliant and began qualifying themselves. I found out they are from Brazil, but are visiting from London and staying in NYC for about a month. I broke rapport with them a couple times and started getting some interest from them, especially from the brunette.

Then the brunette stopped walking and came up in front of me and asked me where they could find some Japanese food. I further qualified and playfully asked if she was looking for Hibachi where they juggle knives and food in the air or something like sushi. She laughed and said sushi, but then asked if there was a rooftop bar nearby.

I told them there is the Gansevoort Hotel Rooftop that has an amazing view and asked if they wanted to go there as I was walking towards that direction anyway to meet some friends. The brunette looked at her friend and they both nodded and agreed. I continued to game them as I led them to the bar.

doormanEverything was going great until we got to the doorman. Unfortunately, the brunette forgot her passport or ID and they wouldn’t let her in the bar. The girls decided to go someplace else that didn’t check their IDs. I was about to go with them, but then they asked about my friends. This is where my funk kicked in. I’m usually very creative and can come up with any justification for anything quickly and own it when I’m at my top game.

I did come up with a reason and said that I just got a text from my friends and they are going someplace else, but I didn’t say it quickly enough with 100% certainty. The brunette didn’t want me to lose my friends and asked to exchange numbers with me so we could keep it touch later. I got her number and had plans to see her later. Looking back, I could have easily said that some of my friends were going to the same bar they were going to or that I’ll text them that I’m heading to this new bar and I’ll catch up with them later.

Opening the first hot 2 set of the night, quickly building attraction and bouncing them to a bar is something I might not have been able to do a while back even if I was in a funk. I calibrated myself to a point where I still the play the game the way it’s meant to be played even when my mood is off. There are still certain points where your frame may be off and more creativity is required at the moment, but you just barrel through it and keep going. Don’t let the valleys keep you in the pits and get back to the top.

mountains and valleysWe all go through these funky phases and get out of them sooner or later. But what are some ways to put yourself out of a funk and improve your mood? For one, don’t sit still and get in cycle of negative thoughts. Do something, move and get out of the house. Sometimes we feel like letting ourselves go when we in are bad mood. DON’T do this! Take care of yourself and put yourself together and you will start to feel better. There are a few other things you can do to get out of a funk like clean/organize your house, watch a funny movie, exercise, meditate, and even hug people to get a dose of oxytocin to make you feel good! Whatever you do, keep yourself moving, stay positive, and keep reaching for your goals.

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