When You Are In A Funky Mood… | Part 1

dog in a funkI am in a funk. You know, that feeling of something is just not right, that something inside of you is a little off? We’ve all had it from time to time and we eventually get over it, but it can get pretty annoying. There are phases we go through where we feel like we are just on fire during the peaks, and then we feel a little down or out of balance in the valleys. A couple weeks ago, I felt unstoppable in the peak phase. It felt like there was nothing that could stand in my way. I was on top of the mountains. Now, I’m in the valleys.

Even though I am in a funk, I am still better at managing at it than I was in the past. Instead of wallowing in my wows and sorrows, being unproductive and not taking action, I am still moving forward. I am still making progress towards my goals and it’s because I’ve developed good habits through discipline. Even if you’re mojo is off or you feel like shit, you still get shit done and help yourself grow.

Another thing I want to talk about is calibration. My game has improved tremendously over the years. If I was in a funk before I got into game, people would just be putt off by my low state or uncalibrated behaviors. Now, even though I am in a funk, I’ve reached a point where I can still game effectively and get good responses from other people.

I’ve developed autopilot behaviors where I don’t even have to think or be in a good mood to do. If a girl breaks rapport with me, I break rapport back. She’s investing? Good, then I will reward her and escalate. The game is still played the same way no matter how you feel.

I went out last weekend in the New York City. To be honest, I didn’t feel like going out. It would have been comfortable and nice to just chill at home and watch funny YouTube prank videos. However, I felt uneasy staying in because of the healthy habits I’ve developed to go out. There was nothing worthy for me to do at home and it was prime time to game. Stay tuned to see how I gamed a set while in a funk in the next article…

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