What Women Consider To Be Beauty In Men

Brad PittIs beauty in the eye of the beholder? Different cultures and societies have different tastes and preferences in beauty. The mass media and Hollywood movies have also bombarded us with what physical attractiveness truly is. Not just with women, but with men as well. Check out this video of men’s standards of beauty around the world.

You will find some interesting differences in the standards of what is considered beautiful or attractive in men for different parts of the world. What really surprised me is the trending “lumbersexual” in the United States. Most countries have either a desire to be thin and/or muscular, which makes sense. Some countries have more insecurities to have plastic surgery for certain features, such as in South Korea. There is also a trend in the future of mixed races being attractive, which is not surprising as there will be more crossbreeding as time goes on.

This video is not to show you what is considered beautiful in certain countries to make you feel self-conscious or insecure. You shouldn’t be obsessing over something you can’t change naturally like getting a nose job or enlarging your eyes. This is just what studies and surveys have shown to be what is trending in those areas of the world. Trends always change, but the basic psychology of female attraction stays the same. What do you think is a woman’s perspective on what makes a man hot? You can be attractive to women by displaying your best self with proper fashion, grooming and having game. Develop yourself to portray yourself in the best light possible, have confident body language, be challenging and qualify women and who knows, maybe even you will start a trend.


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