What Is Your Ideal Partner?

soulmatesYou’re walking down a busy street in the big city. You see countless women walk by, standing on the sidewalk or leaning up against a building. Maybe they’re on their way to meet a friend, maybe they are about to go shopping or grab lunch, or maybe they are on they cigarette break from work. All of them are fairly attractive physically, but are you attracted to them on deeper level mentally?

Depending on where you are at in game, you may be happy with just any beautiful woman by your side and you don’t care much about her habits or personality. That may be OK at first if you are trying to develop your skill set.

Eventually, you will begin to realize that you have the ability to attract any woman you want and have more of an abundance mentality. You will develop higher standards and qualify woman on their behavior and personality. Do you want her to have similar interests as you? Do you prefer girls who are health conscious and don’t smoke? What’s you ideal partner?


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