What if She Doesn’t Know how to Dance?

girl cluelessThere will come a few times while out in field that you will encounter a girl that is shy on the dance floor or doesn’t know how to dance.  I was reminded of this the other night while I was out gaming in the Meatpacking District in New York.  I personally enjoy dancing and use it when I can to progress things further in set.  Don’t feel pressured to use it in game if you don’t really enjoy dancing.  Dancing is merely a tool out of many to use in game.

As I mentioned earlier, I was out gaming with some wings in this bar in New York.  This venue had two rooms with different music playing.  One of them is more a dance floor while the other one was a bar.  We walked around for a bit and my wing broke off towards one set while I noticed I dancing set in one of the rooms.  The music playing at the time was top 40 EDM.  I opened this really cute Latina by complimenting her earnings and gave her a slight tease on them.  She laughed and I qualified her for being friendly and asked her where she is from.  She tells me she is Puerto Rican.  Throughout the conversation, I escalated when appropriate and she was escalating with me as well.

I needed a reason to isolate her from her friends and then I noticed a fake fireplace with a couch in front of it.

I pre-loaded a beneficial situation for me in her mind by saying, “You know, at this time of night, I just love to sit down in front of a nice and cozy fireplace and enjoy the moment…”

She agrees and then I smile as I grab and lead her by the hand as I command her, “C’mon, let’s go…”

She looks back at her friends for approval and I tell them I will borrow her for a quick second.  They both smile and nod while one of her friends gives two thumbs up.  When her friends noticed her laughing, smiling and having a good time with me, it smooths things throughout the set when you want to isolate her or solve logistics.

We sit down next to the fireplace and I notice her leaning in and crossing her legs far in towards me, indicating a large amount of interest.  I start qualifying her and she tries to qualify me as well.  I give her a few hoops by making her take some guesses and she complies.  Everything is going great and we banter and escalate for a bit, when I notice that Salsa music comes on.

dance floor game

I love Salsa. I get excited, stand up and lightly grab her hand as I tell her we have to dance.  I see her friends egging her on to dance as well.  She stays stated and is reluctant as I notice her pull herself back in the couch as I gently try to lead her out.  I tell her that even her friends want her to dance.  She tells me that she doesn’t know how to dance Salsa.  I then comfort her by saying, “Don’t worry, it’s really easy.  I’ll go really slow.”  She then finally complies and gets up and make our way to the dance floor as her friends are applauding her.

You can have shy girls or girls with two left dance with you if you hold a strong enough frame and built enough comfort and attraction.  The whole time leading up to the dance took roughly between 15 – 20 minutes where we were escalating with each other and building comfort and trust with one another.  I noticed the large amounts of IOIs I got from her so I knew I had attraction and she would dance with me if she knew how or was comfortable.  I just to alleviate her concerns by telling her it was easy and I’ll go slow.  Having social proof and pressure from her friends helped as well.  Having her do something that made initially made her uncomfortable was a huge compliance from her and created a lot of investment.  I was able to escalate further and kiss close her on the dance floor.

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2 Replies to “What if She Doesn’t Know how to Dance?”

  1. its so funny, even if the music isnt right you can still do the most simple dance moves or salsa – yes, i will admit i have done a little salsa to dubstep… as long as you hold your frame and stay in beat it will work

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