Want Sex? Stay In Set

There are guys that open a set and leave as soon as it is on a high note. They’re missing out on so much opportunity by not staying in set. There is a lot of advice out there on how to overcome approach anxiety and doing the “perfect” approach.

Stay in set as long as it takes
Stay in set as long as it takes

They say to practice it, over and over again, until you are comfortable with it and you can be an approach master.  While this may be true in the beginning, a lot of guys make the mistake of opening a set and getting good energy and responses from them and then shortly afterward, leave the set on a high before there is any possibility of the set going bad.  What they are inadvertently doing is failing to grow and develop themselves any further by not staying in set. They manage to push beyond their comfort zone to the approach, but do not push their boundaries any further.  They may feel accomplished from just having a good open and quickly getting the girl’s number and leaving.

If you really want to see results and learn where your sticking points are, and fix them, then you are going to want to stick through the set as long as possible, no matter how many bumps or obstacles on the road you may encounter.  Another crucial reason to stay in set, is that your odds of having sex with the girl or seeing her again go drastically down when you leave set

Let us say for example, you meet a girl in line at a coffee shop.  You open her and it hooks, she laughs at a situational comment you just made like, “I feel like its Thanksgiving this time of year when they have my pumpkin spice latte available.” or whatever opener you use.  You have a short pleasant conversation before you make your order and then you two part ways or maybe you get her number to set up another date and then leave.

You may feel good and appreciate the interaction with your ego still intact, but you missed out on a golden opportunity to continue the interaction further.  You could have easily sit down next to her in the coffee shop once you two had your drinks or you could walk with her to whatever destination or plans she may be heading off too or you can suggest a shortcut through the park and sit down on a bench.

Qualify her so you get investment and get her talking about herself and all you have to do is reward her with escalation and build commonalities. Whatever you are doing, you are gaining more time where you can build comfort or attraction with her.  You are gaining experience with longer sets and learning the overall process of courtship.  You are practicing your escalation on her, she may respond in one of three ways:

  • Positive – She smiles, touches back, giggles, etc.

  • Neutral – No noticeable responses (this may be considered positive)

  • Negative – Her body language turns away from you, facial expression or tonality changes, etc.

If she continues to be around you and does not explicitly tell you to “fuck off”, threaten physical violence or call the police, then the set is still on.  The odds of her telling you to get out of her face are pretty slim, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.  You may have to pull back a little bit if she gives a negative response, but you shouldn’t leave set.

There is no such thing as perfectly smooth interaction, that only happens in movies.  You should expect some turbulence in your gaming, especially if you are new.  If you opened the set already and left early, you can still reopen the set.There may be some logistical issues, such as she has a train or flight to catch, where it is impossible to continue the interaction.  In this instance it is fine to go for a number close and continue some other time.

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7 Replies to “Want Sex? Stay In Set”

    • Hey Manny, great question. I wrote another article on Wingmanship rules that you can check out here: http://willedward.com/rules-of-wingmanship-to-get-you-laid/

      To quickly answer your question though, you need to set the precedence and have a mutual understanding that you are there to help each other out. You guys can have an agreement where you will switch off every night on who opens and who wings for the set.

      There will be times where your wing may get anxiety, especially if they are new to the game, and eject early from set. If this happens, you can still try to get him back into set because ejecting early does not necessarily ruin the set. The more you wing each other, you will start developing better cohesion and the easier it will get.

      If he still leaves set early, you can try some gaming tricks like have him give you 20 bucks before opening a set and he will only get it back if he stays in set as long as you are in it.

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