Vegas Immersion’s New Lead Instructor | Introducing RSD Luke

Real Social Dynamic’s Vegas Immersion Program has a new lead instructor teaching guys how to SMASH cold approach and social circle game. Luke Krogh’s joined RSD for their most intensive training pickup program.

Luke is teaching students how to get laid and build the social lifestyle they want in the world’s best training ground for game, Las Vegas.

Check out this video of the former head coach of the immersion program, RSD Todd, introducing RSD Luke as the new head coach.

Luke has been my mentor since I moved to Las Vegas a few years ago and has brought my game to whole other levels that I didn’t know was possible. He helped me get my first same-night-lay and get consistent lays after.

I’m getting threesomes and now I know how to get into some of the top nightclubs with hot girls for free and after-parties through social circle game.

I attribute much of my game to him. RSD has done well to select him as the lead instructor in Las Vegas. I’m excited to see where he takes the immersion program for the students.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to take their game to the next level in Las Vegas to reach out to Luke and join the immersion program.

The immersion students are raving about him as well as you can see in the testimonials at the end of the video. His game is killer, he’s engaging and enthusiastic as hell.

He’s an excellent teacher that makes game easy to understand and practical for consistent results. Fill out the coaching form and let me know that you want to join the immersion program in Vegas and I’ll put you in touch with Luke.

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