Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Dating Coach

dating coachThe game ielfie meant to be played in the field. You can’t truly learn and internalize it by reading books or watching videos. There is very a small percentage of people that can learn it on their own through a long and painful process. There are others who train and work with a mentor, coach or guru to guide them and speed up the learning process tremendously.

You may be on the fence on whether you should get a coach or not. Maybe you are the 1 or 2 percent that can do this on their own, maybe not. Whatever group you fall in, here are the top 5 reasons why you should stop wasting time and just get a coach and have the love life you want now.

1. Speed Of Implementation

There is a notable difference between people who take action right away when they have an idea or desire and those who like to wait for the perfect moment. Those who take action immediately achieve much more success than those to plan indefinitely. This is the huge advantage of using the speed of implementation.

speed of implementationThis applies to everything in the life and not just pickup. When you have a good idea for a business, you start moving in that direction to accomplish it with urgency and purpose. Otherwise you may just forget about it or something else will come up. Even if the action is wrong, you’re still doing better than the other person who did nothing and is still in the same spot.

Getting a coach to teach you the right way to get fastest results possible is taking massive action. Going out there by yourself is better than sitting home and doing nothing, but actually getting a qualified coach to show you the ropes is an even bigger step towards your goals. Depending on how much action you take and how fast you implement it will determine how much success you attain and how soon you reach it.

2. Proven Methods And Techniques

You are learning and internalizing proven methods and techniques when you go out with a coach. Why reinvent the wheel or develop your own techniques that won’t be nearly as effective as the countless men and experts who have already discovered them before you? At least learn the foundations of game and the psychology of attraction before you try to innovate. Chances are somebody has already done something you’re trying to do.

You will develop your own style and flavor once you get the basics down. My mentors and wings have taught me the natural approach and the power of investment game. I follow their methodologies and have added my own personality and created my own style. That’s the beauty of natural game. You will know the basic flow of pickup and display your best self to genuinely attract the girl.

After I got the basics of creating attraction and seducing women, I started experimenting and discovering my own techniques as well. It’s how I developed my own selfie kiss close routine that works amazingly well. This is also how much my dance floor game evolved. I knew how to dance, but didn’t understand how attraction worked so I got nowhere. Once I understood attractive body language, the right vibe and energy and proper escalation to get the girl on the dance floor, it was like I saw the matrix.

3. Faster And Long-Lasting Results

You already know about the importance of the speed of implementation. The faster you take action on an idea or desire, the quicker you will achieve success. Not only will you achieve success faster, but your results will be longer-lasting and become more permanent or habitual. You won’t fall back into a slump and lose progress. Your coach will make sure you stay on track and you’ll even learn how to self-analyze, so you can continue to improve well beyond having the feedback of a coach.

4. Less Painful Learning Curve

When I found out you could learn how to attract women, I was excited beyond belief. I got sucked into the seduction community and made it my mission to know everything there was to know about this. I was hooked. I spent countless hours, days, weeks, and months researching a ton of material online and reading books. I would go out by myself most of the time because most of my friends rarely went out often and if I did go out with them, I barely practiced because I didn’t want to seem “weird” trying to pickup girls.

talking nervously to girlsWhen I did actually practice and approach women, I would get blown out consistently. I said whatever my opener was, and I would see the girls give me that, “why is this guy talking to me” look… It was painful, but I still pushed through. I wanted to get this part of my life fixed once and for all. I wanted to have at least have a normal social life where I could have a decent conversation and some women in my life.

I wasn’t aware of all the micro mistakes I was making with my body language, tonality, delivery, etc. I began making small changes and saw small improvements. I was able to have short conversations and eventually I was able to get numbers. Most of them were flakes though and when I did went on a date with them, it would be awkward and most of the time I would not even make a move and nothing would happen. I would go home alone, angry at myself for being “so close” when she was into me and not making it happen.

I was tired of making such slow progress and wanted to solve this now. I found out about this residential program in Las Vegas from a friend. I would live in a house with the #1 Pickup-Artist and Guru, Luke Krogh, and several other coaches and students that would just focus on game and go out every night. It sounded just like the book “The Game” and I wanted to follow in the footsteps of giants. I quickly thought about it because it was a big investment. I knew this is what I needed and wanted, so I decided to join the program. I was following the speed of implementation before I knew it even existed.

When I moved in, they told me to forget everything I knew about pickup. They wanted me to be a blank slate and just do everything they said. I was perfectly fine with that. They assessed me for the first week or so and just focused on opening. I thought it was redundant at first because I had already been opening before, but they were training me and developing the proper mindset for me. I had some approach anxiety before moving in. After the first week, I had approached so much that all of my anxiety evaporated.

approaching womenAfter the first week, they had a general idea of where I was at in game and started teaching me new principles and techniques. I began implementing them and getting farther in sets. I would get closer each time going out and then I would write a field report, go back and get feedback from my coaches.

I’m not going to lie and say the game is easy. It’s not. It’s probably one of the hardest skills to acquire, more-so than being a pilot or doctor. It was painful going out and getting “so close” and go back home with nothing, but it was much better than doing this on my own and I felt confident there was support system and I had faith in the techniques. I had my first same night lay, or one night stand, that week and got laid several times after that.

5. More Women And Relationships Now

Most guys that get into the game want to just get a girlfriend. Others want to get their ex back and there are those who want to get married. Some just want options and variety in their life and able to choose which women to sleep with and have in their lives. Whatever your goal may be, you have the ability to achieve it much faster by following a proven system with someone to guide you.

Nothing is more satisfying knowing that I can look at any girl out there and have the ability to attract her and bring her into my life. Whether it would be for a same night (or day!) lay, having her in my social circle to generate preselection and social proof and have access to her other hot friends, or a business contact. It feels good that I can hit up girls I’ve already been with in other cities and see them again.

I can also build rapport and friendships with guys much more easily than before. I can use game to expand my network and social circle with everyone. I was the most introverted person I knew and thought I would be shy for the rest of my life. Now I feel comfortable in any situation and be socially calibrated. This is a learnable skill that you can acquire as well.

What would normally take you months or even years to learn this stuff, could be drastically reduced to a fraction of that time. Time is money. Not only is it money, but it also involves opportunity cost. You can start living the healthy social life you want now with beautiful women and begin to focus on other areas of your life to improve.

Social-Life-DancingWhat could you be doing instead going out countless nights by yourself learning through a slow process of trial and error? How would it feel to just start focusing on your health, business and other endeavors while spending time the hot women in your life? What is your time worth? If you want to start taking massive action and getting the results you’ve always wanted, fill out the coaching form now, and let’s make it happen.

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