Tonality Matters

voice tonalityThe tonality in your voice is more important than the words you say. If you want people to pay attention, understand what you’re saying, and attract women, you need good tonality. Have you ever had this conversation?

“I can’t hear you…” she says.  You’re thinking to yourself… I’m practically yelling, and she still can’t hear me??

I’m sure most of us have gone through this conversation at one point in our lives. You meet this girl at a loud bar, and you decide to open her within a reasonably close distance.  Anybody could hear your voice in a typical, quiet environment. You know you are in a loud venue, so you adjust your voice accordingly and speak at a higher volume.

Even after raising your voice to the point that feels almost awkward, she still can’t hear you.  You begin to lose respect from the set and eventually get blown out when they can’t hear you.  Why is that the case?

You need to realize that it is not the volume of your voice that is the issue, but your tonality. If you want your voice not only be heard in any environment, you need to lower your tone and deepen your voice.  Many people believe that their voice is actually deeper than it really is. The voice we hear in our head is not the voice that others hear when we speak. You can notice the difference when you record your voice and listen back. So by default, we speak at a comfortable voice level and tonality that seems pleasant inside our heads.

Vin Diesel voice
Vin’s got tonality

Lowering your tonality and deepening your voice is also sub-communicates dominance and shows that you are a confident man of high status.  People will respect you more and you will able to persuade people more easily.  We have been socially conditioned to raise the pitch of our voices at the end of questions. You even do this for normal statements when you’re not confident in what you are saying!  However, you if you ask a question at a normal tonality in the beginning and bring the pitch down as you speak, the question is no longer a question, but a command.

To speak with more dominance and lower tonality, you need to gather your breath and project your voice from the belly and use your diaphragm.  This will take some practice to get used to. The more you do this, the more it becomes a habit and will become second nature when you are talking with anyone, especially in loud venues.  Not only will people be able to hear you, but you will project high confidence and self-assurance that will help you in getting what you want and building attraction with women.

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