Tinder Lay Report | How To Be Subtly Aggressive

couple passionately kissingI haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been gaming practically non-stop every night for the past week, but I want to share with you this lay report from Tinder before I go back to fully immerse myself in game.

I hadn’t immersed myself in game for a while as I was balancing both work and game. I believe it’s good to have some period of full immersions to get yourself back in shape or reach a new level.

Once I started gaming hard, the rust was coming off fast and got 2 lays right away. I’ve been pretty busy juggling a few girls, setting up dates throughout the week and then going out afterward for some good old cold approach.

I’ve been rushing to write this quickly because I have 3 dates scheduled for tonight (2 from cold approach and 1 from Tinder) and yes I triple booked because I already have a few dates over the weekend.

I’ve been having a huge urge to game hard for a while. Before I didn’t have much time to deal with all these girls now because of work, and I still don’t have enough time because I’m triple and double booking!

I’m about to head out in a few hours to meet up with some girls I’ve set up dates with and meet with some other friends and girls in this social circle I’m building.

Before I head out, I want to share with you a couple lay reports from this past Valentine’s Day Weekend. There is some good text game nuggets of wisdom here on how to meet and pull quickly.

I’ll be honest with you and say that one of the reasons for the strong motivation to game hard was that there was a night of gaming where I didn’t full close but had built a lot of attraction and rapport with this hot girl and her friends.

I was able to kiss her but I wasn’t aggressive or creative enough to solve logistics at the end. I could’ve jumped in her car with her friend or done a better job to pre-seed the pull and lead more and possibly give her a ride home.

I knew what I should have done, but I was a little rusty and hesitated.

So I decided to go on a full on game rampage and started hitting up a bunch of girls through text, Tinder and Bumble, and do some classic cold approach.

I sent ping texts to some threads that went stale from weeks or months ago with, “Ready for the weekend ??” (courtesy from my wing and mentor, Chris Harders) and a bunch of girls started to respond back.

I also started swiping right a lot more and spent most of my day messaging girls through text or those online dating apps. My text game has also improved a lot more as time went on because of all the practice I was getting.

I knew the basic fundamentals of text game, but it also just became much more effective when I had more of an abundance mentality with all the girls I was texting.

My messages came off more attractive and I started getting a lot more positive responses. Here is the first lay report from Tinder to the first meet at her place. This is from my lay report journal with minimal edits.

Valentine’s Day Weekend Lay Report #1

I matched with this girl mid December of 2015, and she responded well to my first text. My default opening line is “Hey rockstar – how’s your (funny alliteration to the day of the week) ?”

Funny alliteration examples for day of the week: Funday Sunday, Monday Funday, Taco Tuesday, Wine or Wild Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Freaky or Fiesta Friday, and Sassy Saturday. This is fun and playful and elicits a response.

She was receptive and I followed up and she was investing even more with a triple text, but I fell off from Tinder for a while because of work or just cold approaching or building my social circles.

I sent a ping text, “Ready for the weekend ??”  a couple months later in February. She responds with some investment and I remain playful and send, “Lol any fun plans ?” I’m trying to check her availability to possibly meet.

vday1 tinder 1

We were both celebrating our friend’s birthdays but in different towns that were near each other. I number closed on her on maybe meeting up for drinks after the party. She said she might be able to do that once I told her that I would be nearby.

vday1 tinder 2

vday1 tinder 3

I sent her a text as soon as I got her number so she knows it’s me. After she responds, she asks me to send her a pic because she needs more comfort. I send her a picture of me and my friend celebrating her birthday.

I ask for a picture of her as well and she sends me one of her and her friend celebrating her birthday. This coincidence is great because we were both sharing a commonality of celebrating our friends’ birthdays.

vday1 text 1

Booty Call

After my friend’s birthday party ended, I texted my girl, “What are you up to ?” at 2:37AM. She texted back, “Home”.

I then called her to set up plans to see her that night. She said she’s back home and her birthday friend is passed out on her couch, and she’s trying to sober up.

She asked me what I was up to. I told her that I wast just leaving the party and I was looking to see if she wanted to get drinks.

She said the bars are closed, and then I asked her if she had drinks at home, but she said she was trying to sober up. I agreed and said that I should probably sober up too.

Then I asked her if she watches Netflix. She said she does and I ask her what shows is she watching now. She names a show and then I try to break rapport by saying I’m more of a Netflix pro than she is and I go hard on binge netflixing.

I ask her if she binges on Netflix. She says she does and she thinks everybody does that. I then give her approval and say that I guess she is pretty good at Netflxing. This is just being playful and challenging her and rewarding her.

I then ask her if she has ever seen Californication. She says she hasn’t but it’s on her list. I then break rapport and tease her on how she has not seen it and I told her that I’m coming over right now and we’re watching the first season tonight.

I give a short pause to see if she responds, but I don’t hear anything so I ask her if she wants to see Californication tonight. She says she wants to but she might fall asleep soon.

I tell her that I’ll come over for just one episode and that I have to leave soon to get up early anyway. I tell her to text me her address and I’ll head over.

She agrees, but then over text she starts having doubts even though she really wanted to see me, but she still needs more comfort and she finds excuses not to see each other that night. We rescheduled plans to meet another time.

vday1 text 2 vday1 text 3 vday1 text 4

I actually had a another date planned for the next day, Saturday at 7pm with another girl from Tinder. My plan was to close her first and then go for the close with this one, but I ended up oversleeping and I forgot to confirm the 7pm date.

I shot her a text at 8:30pm to see what she was up to that night since we set tentative plans to hang out tonight. Built some rapport with her and she called me on the phone to feel more comfortable with me before I came over.

vday1 text 5

Comfort Building Through Text

We then texted for a bit later when I asked her how her dinner was. She says ti was amazing and she asks how mine is. I reciprocate and said it was fantastic and I mention I was celebrating my birthday with dinner.

She asks my driver’s license as an excuse for not “believing” me. She just wanted more information about me for more comfort, since she already gave me her address from last night.

I didn’t want to invest too much and give her my ID, so I told her that I would show it to her that night. She agrees, but wants me to tell her more about myself so she doesn’t feel too nervous inviting me over.

I send a link to my Facebook so she can get a better sense of who I am and build more comfort. She says my Facebook doesn’t tell much about me, so she asks me some basic questions.

I tell her that she can see more pictures once she adds me, but I also playfully answer her questions with real info about me. She thinks about it, and then tries to think of an excuse and says she still has a headache from last night

She asks me how tall I am and what I’m looking for. I tell her my height and playfully answer her question without being needy, and I don’t explicitly say sex. She agrees and wants “cuddles” too and asks if I don’t want to date.

vday1 text 6

I agree with “cuddling” and say that I’m not ruling out the option of dating if the feeling is mutual. She agrees and tells me that she is watching a scary movie and that she is glad that I’m coming over.

I misunderstood and I thought that she was watching a scary movie at home so I told her that I would be coming over at 11, which was the tentative time we planned over the phone, and I asked her what scary movie she was watching.

She tells me to come over around 11:30pm or midnight and tells me she’s watching The Awakening. She said she’ll text me when she’s leaving and when I can head over, and she wants to clean her apartment before I come lol.

I then respond and say that works better for me (because it did), and I double text by saying, “Very considerate of you lol – see you soon”. That last text wasn’t really necessary but I thought I should a invest a bit since she was investing a lot.

vday1 text 7

She starts asking why that works better for me and if I live alone. I tell her that it just gives me more time to get ready, and I tell her that I’m temporarily staying with family until I find a place near the city, which is true.

She asks me a couple questions about my background so she just feels more comfortable, and I ask her the same. I started driving a little early and she calls me while I’m on the way, to let me know that she’s at her place.

vday1 text 8I came over her place and she was a little nervous but I played it cool and suggested we watch a movie. We walk over to her movie collection and then she starts asking me some questions to further build comfort.

She asks me when was the last time I got tested. I told her it was late last year, and I also asked her and she said the same. She put on 21 Jump Street and sat next to me on the couch after she grabbed some water for us.

She made a comment on how “subtly aggressive” I was and she was still trying to figure out how she invited someone she just met on Tinder over to place for the first time.

I love game lol.

Escalation At Sex Location

I asked her why she invited me over so soon and she said it was how I sounded on the phone and the tonality of my voice. I jokingly said I took tonality classes and she gave a small laugh and chuckle and I went in for the kiss.

Sometimes I like to go in for the kiss while the girl is laughing and her BT is high, so she is more receptive for the kiss. I’m going to start field testing this more for dancefloor game as well.

We stopped kissing after a few seconds and she snuggled up against me as we watched the movie. Several minutes later she asks me if I have a foot fetish. I tell her I don’t.

She notices I have soft hands and told her I do massage therapy (I don’t but I’m playing around with this routine and it seems to be working). She mentioned how she had a headache and start giving her a head massage.

I’m not sure if she enjoyed it but she eventually changed positions and said she wants a foot massage. I start massaging her feet sensually and rubbing her calves and slowly work my way up her legs.

I slowly start rubbing her pussies outside of her booty shorts.

I slowly start kissing her legs up and down. I then start removing her booty shorts with no resistance and start rubbing her pussy outside of her panties.

I continue kissing up and down her legs and also massaging her tits with my other hand. I then start fingering her pussy by pushing the panties over to the side.

I’m still kissing her legs and taking my time because I don’t want to get LMR and I’m pretty sure I’ll get laid. I then remove her panties with no resistance and start fingering her with my middle finger.

I’m testing this new technique called the deep spot orgasm to see how it goes. She seems to responding well with just my middle finger going deep into her and doing the come hither motion.

I slowly start removing my belt and she asks me if I want to move to her bedroom. I agree and take her hand to get up while I’m still fingering her as she gets up. I keep fingering her as I lead her to her bedroom.

I don’t usually do that but I guess I was just stuck in fingering mode since I was focused on practicing the deep spot orgasm, but she seemed to enjoy it and it seemed to be a cool thing to do while leading the girl to the bedroom.

We get in the bed and I continue fingering her and slowly start removing my belt. She also helps me remove my clothes. I then put on a condom and fuck her.

After I came, I continue fingering her and rubbing her clit until she comes. We do some pillow talk for a few minutes. She told me she was getting sleepy and doesn’t usually like to sleep with someone new so I start getting ready to leave.

As I grab my stuff and put on my clothes, she tells me that I’m pretty smooth for a nerdy guy. She assumed I was a nerdy and asked if I was awkward growing up. I just smiled at her lol. I get my stuff, give her a hug and kiss goodbye and leave.

Sometimes you can revive old interactions and go for a same night lay straight to the sex location on the first meet. You have to be able to move things fast and with grace. Be fun and playful over text and keep it short. Have her invest.

Go for the number close ASAP once you have an agreement to meet up. Text her as soon as you get the number, while you’re still fresh in her mind and build familiarity so now you’re not just some random guy she’s talking to on Tinder.

If you want to move things fast, you can try calling her and quickly solve logistics over the phone. This shows confidence and saves time than sending a bunch of text messages. This is one of the reasons why she was so attracted to me.

Build comfort with her if you need to by talking about yourself. You can show her Facebook as a quick and easy way for her to get a glimpse about you. This would be a good reason to optimize your Facebook profile as well.

Once you’re at her place, calibrate and assess the situation. Is she nervous? Then you might need to take it slow. Don’t rush it. She invited you over for a reason and she’s ready, but may need more comfort. Escalate when it’s right.

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