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Smiling couple having drinks at barHere is another lay report from Tinder where I matched with a girl a while ago, but I took a break from Tinder so I had to reignite the interaction to set up a date and close.

You don’t have let old matches fade away if you spark things back up again. In this instance she was already investing a bit so she was likely to respond back, but this can work with girls who also didn’t respond to your last message.

This lay report occurs over Valentine’s Day weekend and breaks down how I use text game to get her number and setup a date. Check out the first lay report from this weekend for more good text game examples and breakdowns.

Valentine’s Day Weekend Lay #2

I matched with this girl on Tinder on 9/22/2015 and messaged her with “I’m amazing – you ?”, which was my standard first message I sent back then.

She responded pretty well and messaged back the next day at 10:22PM with “Great! How was your day”. I reciprocated and built a commonality with the same emotional state and said, “Great what are you up to ?”

I wanted to see how her availability was for the day and possibly set up plans to meet her then. She responded the next day at 8:07AM with, “I passed out, how was your night?”

I took a break off from Tinder for a while and didn’t respond back to her then because I wanted to focus on cold approach and business.

I started using Tinder again eventually and I sent her a ping text on 2/12/2015 (Friday), which was almost 6 months later.  I sent “Ready for the weekend ??”, which is a trick I learned from Chris Harders on how to reinitiate old threads.

This seemingly fun question elicits a response because everybody loves going out on the weekend and wants to talk about their plans. She responds the next day with “Yep! I’m in boston coming back tomorrow you?”

vday2 tinder1I responded with, “Nice ! I’m chilling with friends – let’s grab a drink when you get back ?” I rewarded her with a positive statement in the beginning and reciprocated her investment by telling her what I was up to for the weekend.

I felt pretty confident that I could get an agreement to meet up for drinks due to her positive energy and state she was in and the investment she gave. She agreed and asked me when I would like to grab a drink with her.

I reward her with a positive statement and ask her what her schedule is like so we don’t waste time asking and picking dates when neither of us may be available.

She tells me she is free tomorrow (Sunday / Valentine’s Day) and Monday (President’s Day) evening and during the week after she gets out of work at 7pm.

vday2 tinder2

The Number Close And Text Game

I was considering on meeting her on Monday since I was planning on meeting up with a different girl on Sunday, but this girl seemed more available sooner and I wanted to strike while the iron is hot so I asked her to meet on Sunday at 7pm.

She agreed and asked where we should meet. I know she lived in Hoboken because it said so in her profile, so I started searching Yelp for bars in Hoboken.

I lived about an hour from Hoboken so I wanted to pick something close to her so I could pull back to her’s. I remember this place called “The Brass Rail” which had the perfect vibe for an intimate date.

It wasn’t some clubby bar and it had some classy table booths where we could sit next to each other. I asked her about going to that place, and she was overwhelming positive about it and said, “I love that place! Perfect!”

Nice. I then number closed her with the justification that Tinder may be glitchy, although I probably didn’t really need the justification based on her response, but it’s still a good habit to have to go for a number close without objections.

vday2 tinder3After I got her number, I immediately texted her so she knows it’s me with, “Hey (her name) it’s Will from Tinder – how’s your Saturday ?” She responds and double texts a couple hour later.

She says her Saturday is great and she’s in a party in Boston, and she asks me how’s my day. I didn’t respond on Saturday because she sent that text at 11:12PM and I was already on another Tinder date.

There wasn’t much point in texting so late to her anyways when she may go to sleep soon or get drunk at the party and forget to text back or text back the next morning.

The date wasn’t until the next day on Sunday so I waited to text then at 1:04pm by rewarding her response with a positive statement and reciprocating by saying my Saturday was great as well, and then I confirm about our date for that night.

She confirms with a really positive statement and tells me that she’s on the plane now and her flight is taking off on time. I saw this text but fell back asleep again and didn’t text until later.

I probably should have texted as soon as I saw this text with, “Cool have a safe flight – text me when you land ?”

This would reward her investment and wish genuine goodwill on her and leave it open for her to text me before she takes off and when she lands so I get double the investment (double text).

Either way, I made up for it by texting her back around 4:55pm with, “Cool hope you had a great flight – back in nj ?”

I wanted to confirm that I got her message and we’re still on for tonight and see if she’s back in NJ and elicit a response from her so I don’t have to potentially double text later to tell her I’m at the bar and confirm she is there.

Although I’m pretty sure she would probably text me first since she’s already investing heavily through texts.

She tells me she’s back in NJ and starts qualifying herself and investing quite a bit by saying her pipes froze and she doesn’t have water, but she showered at her friends before she left.

BTW, it was freezing here on that weekend on the northeast. I believe I heard it had been the coldest in the area in about 100 years! It was around 1 degrees Fahrenheit or -17 degrees Celsius where I lived! Brr!

I then reward her investment with a positive statement and tell her that I’m running a little late and ask to meet 15 minutes later.

I didn’t want to just leave the positive statement hanging without a question at the end and potentially have myself double text later to confirm if she’s at the bar, but I also legitimately needed more time to get there.

She agrees and then asks me where I lived. I respond with the county I’m in. I didn’t see a reason to ask a question at this point because I had a good feeling she would respond and there wasn’t really any question that I needed ask.

She then realizes that I’m pretty far away and she asks me if the time I suggested factored in the time to find parking. I thought parking wouldn’t be too big of an issue since it was Sunday.

Then I remembered that it was Valentine’s day so maybe there were some couples out tonight and it would not be your typical Sunday parking situation.

vday2 text2

The Date With Perfect Logistics

I respond with “lol no let’s do 7:20 then ?” to allow myself some time to find parking. She then responds back by saying to just text her when I find a spot since she can walk over because she lives really close to the bar.

I thought to myself “Perfect” because logistics were golden, and I thought about texting “Perfect” but thought it may look too eager and obvious I was looking to pull from that.

I just sent, “Cool”. Although, I think “Perfect” would have been fine in this case also since it was almost “perfect” location for her as well.

I found parking fairly easily that night and parked within couple blocks from The Brass Rail. I went in early so I could use the bathroom and order a drink by myself so I wouldn’t risk having to buy the first round of drinks for us both.

After I got my drink and sat down at the bar, I texted her I was at the bar. She then starts investing again and tells me she thought I would text her when I parked and then she’ll come over in 5 minutes.

vday2 text3

I sip on my drink while quickly checking my Tinder/Bumble and texts from other girls I’ve been messaging on Valentine’s Day.

I sent a ping text of “Happy Singles Appreciation Day !” to a bunch of of my female friends and girls I’ve number closed where the thread went stale, and I got a lot of responses back.

It’s a funny and playful message because a lot of girls could relate to being single on Valentine’s Day and sometimes they hate the holiday, but you flip it by making it positive and funny.

A few of the girls I can set up to see possibly this week or sometime soon. I didn’t want to to spend too much time messaging for the risk of my date coming up from behind me and seeing me message other girls on Tinder.

That can negatively affect comfort, so I just checked my Facebook and occasionally talked to the bartender to build some social proof.

My date comes to the bar and I greet her with a hug and kiss on the cheek. We try to get a booth table but there is none so we sit at an elevated table, but we are sitting across from each other.

I qualify her and did some very light kino on her hands. I the suggested we get a seat at the bar once it opened up so she paid her tab and we went over. I then sat next to her and continued to qualify her.

I tried kissing her one time but got rejected. The 2nd time I was able to kiss her. We then bounced to another bar that is on the way to her place. It’s called Hoboken Bar and Grill.

The Pull With Plausible Deniability

We get our drinks and she downs it quickly. I pre-seeded the pull to go back to her place and watch Shark Tank. Towards the end, I brought up and said that we should go back to her place and watch Shark Tank.

She give some resistance and says she’s not born yesterday and knows what I want. I tell her that’s what I really wanted to do, and I held the frame. She says that she needs to go to sleep soon.

I ask her if she is able to stay up for at least an hour and then I’ll leave. She says that I can stay over if I want. She then finds her keys because she wants to make sure she has them since it was cold and she didn’t want to fiddle outside.

We get inside her place, put on Shark Tank, we cuddle and she starts kissing me after a few minutes. We stopped and watched Shark Tank for some more.

Then we start kissing again until I start escalating and rubbing her tits and slowly removing her clothes and rubbing her pussy outside of her jeans.

She starts removing my shirt and I start removing my jeans and I put on a condom and penetrate her. We move to her room and finish there. I sleep over until early in the morning to start work early. She’s a cool girl and I plan on seeing her again.

This lay had a lot of things going well for it to happen. After some text game to get her primed up for the date, I happened to pick a place with great logistics that was a few blocks away from her apartment.

There was definitely attraction before the meet, but it was solidified once we kissed on the date. Bouncing to another venue that moved closer to her place helped build more comfort and trust with her.

I calmly overcame her objections of me coming over by giving her plausible deniability that we weren’t going to her place for sex. This preserves her value and mine as it shows I have social intelligence.

After we had sex, I asked her when did she know we were going to have sex. She said once I started massaging her breasts.

She actually moved my hand away at first because she knew she would be turned on and couldn’t resist. I calibrated and just continued stimulating her while making out and escalating on her leg until I reached her breasts again with no resistance.

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