This Is What Happens When You Get Creative and Lucky With Your Girl

I got 2 lay reports for you guys from this past week. Instead of breaking them into separate posts, I combined them so you can get all the value and lessons all in here. This is also my first VLOG so let me know if you guys like the format!

I’ve been going out every night this past week. A few nights on strengthening and maintaining my social circles and a few on straight gangsta cold approach.

There are 2 lay reports that stuck out from last week and I want to share them with you guys today.

I bathroom pulled this one girl from her sisters and pulled another girl when the bouncer kicked us out for being too graphic with PDA, which helped with logistics lol.

Lay Report #1: Bathroom Sex In Front Of Her Sisters

I was actually feeling pretty sluggish on Monday and wasn’t productive, but I still wanted to go out and game and meet some girls.

I went to this local bar in New Jersey. It was pretty slow, but it was better than being home and I could talk to some people.

Isolating Hot Girl From Her Boyfriend In The Bar

I warmed up with the first set I saw and immediately built rapport with all of them. It was a group of 4 – 5 girls and they were celebrating their friend’s birthday.

I eventually opened the hottest girl of the group with a compliment and she was very receptive and I was able to rapidly escalate with a hug and kiss on the forehead. She was facing me directly and getting pretty close to my face.

sexy woman having drink and talking with man at a bar

Every time I got in close to speak into one of her ears, her face wouldn’t move, which indicates a high probability that she is ready to be kissed.

However, I didn’t want to kiss her in front of her friends and risk her feeling judged so I went in for the isolation.

I asked her about going somewhere quieter so we can speak. She agreed and we walked towards the corner of the bar, where it was a little quieter and private.

We sat down on the bar stools. I prematurely tried to bring her downstairs where it was more private and bathrooms available for pulling.

However, she just stayed seated and said downstairs was closed or empty and that this area was fine.

I qualified her and she was investing quite a bit, but I definitely should have rewarded her more with escalation.

After a few minutes, we started talking about other bars in the area and she mentioned there was a local bar nearby that her boyfriend plays pool there a lot. I actually found out that her boyfriend was in the same bar as we were that night.

She pointed to him and he was actually talking to some other girl in the bar. It turns out they have only been dating for 4 months.

My girl seemed to be slightly jealous and a little disappointed that her boyfriend was talking with some other girl and that could have helped me get isolation.

I didn’t feel 100% comfortable going for the kiss with this girl with her boyfriend in the same bar, but I probably should have still gone for it just to see what would happen and go for a bathroom pull with her.

I wasn’t really pushing the set forward so we eventually walked back to her friends at the bar. I decided to just leave the set and look for a set that didn’t have a boyfriend at the same bar lol.

Winning Her Sisters Over

I opened this seated three set towards the back of the bar. I complimented one of the girl’s hair and she was receptive. I gave her a hug and told her she was adorable and I asked her where she was from.

After breaking rapport and qualifying her for a bit, I then introduced myself to her sisters, by shaking their hands and exchanging names.

I gave them all of my undivided attention for a bit while I was very animated with my facial expressions and body language, and building a lot of rapport with all of them.

You must befriend her friends or family so they trust you with your girl.

I was escalating with my girl for a bit by doing side hugs and occasionally having my hand on her lower back.

After 10 – 15 minutes, she grabbed my hand and brought it between her legs…

She occasionally grazed up against my crotch with her hand. We danced for a bit when a song came on that she liked. I felt like I could have kissed her, but held off because we were still in front of her sisters.

I tried isolating her by saying that I was a little loud with the music and said we should go somewhere quieter, but she said that her sister was coming back with drinks, so she would do it after.

After she got her drink, I continued to qualify her and she was investing a lot. She asked me if I wanted a drink, and I said sure so I wouldn’t punish compliance and I could get more investment from her.

After she bought me a drink, we did a toast and she was getting close by wrapping her arms around me as I was qualifying and teasing her a bit.

I brought it too far with one break in rapport by mentioning how she supports Donald Trump and she kinda pushed me away because she hates Trump. Lol I was having a little too much fun breaking rapport.

donald trump

I held my frame and just continued to smile and I told her sisters that she supported Trump, but they shook her head and said she definitely doesn’t support Donald Trump.

She eventually came back towards me, and I playfully apologized by saying mistakenly thought she supported Trump. There was no point in being caught in a breaking rapport or frame battle so I saved face and rebuilt comfort.

We danced to a song or two and she got really close to my face and it seemed she wouldn’t feel judged if we kissed in front of her sisters, so I went in for the kiss and we made-out for a bit.

After speaking with all the girls for a bit, I tried to pre-seed the pull for mentioning we should have an after-party back at their place. The girls laughed and said they couldn’t do that because they were staying with their parents.

Ok time for Plan B lol.

Isolation And Bathroom Pull From Her Sisters

I tried isolating my girl earlier before the drinks, but she said she wanted to wait for her sister to get drinks. I wanted to get support from her sisters for isolation so I asked one of them if it was OK that I talk to her sister for a second.

She said it was OK as long as I tell her where the bathrooms were. I pointed to the bathroom on our same level because I wanted to pull my girl to the bathroom downstairs.

I then thought of another reason to isolate my girl, so I asked my girl if she’s seen the darts, and she gets all excited and said she hasn’t and I tell her that I need to show her. She gets more excited and says she loves darts.

I then lead her towards the front entrance, where the darts are usually are, but they were covered up.

I continued to go downstairs towards the “darts”.

Downstairs was another bar area but it was empty because it was a slow Monday night.

We get downstairs just outside the bathrooms, and she mentions how she didn’t know there was another bar downstairs. I then start escalating and making out with her.

makeout at a bar

She laughs and says that I only brought her down there to make out with her. I then rub my leg on her pussy to pump up her BT for a few seconds, and then I lead my girl to the women’s restroom with no resistance.

We take one of the stalls, I lock it, and she asks me if we are really doing this, we start making out again, and she asks me if I have a condom, and I tell her that I do.

I take off her jeans, finger her a bit to get her wet, we take off our clothes, I put on a condom and closed.

After we finished, she asks me if I have another condom, lol. I tell her I do, but I still need time to rejuvenate and get hard. We make out more and I finger her.

After a few minutes, she asks for another condom. I felt like I wasn’t hard enough, but hope that I would be by the time I put the condom. Sure enough, I wasn’t hard enough, but I fingered her some more and tried to make her come.

Her sister then comes in the bathroom and yells out her last name. I keep quiet while my girl says she’s in there. Her sister is yelling that the bar is closing soon, and my girl says she needed to pee.

Her sister said, “OK, I don’t believe you, but OK!” and then leaves lol. I then grab my girl’s number. Have her go up first, and I leave though the back door downstairs.

I asked her if she would text me the next time she is back, and she said she would. She comes back to the area at least once a month to visit her family.

Lay Report #2: Unexpected Help From Bouncer

This lay report happened during the Thursday night for St. Patrick’s Day and the NYC Wingmen meetup. After a few warm up sets, I complimented this girl on her hair and she was very receptive even though her hair was tied up in a bun.

This girl was a little buzzed and showing a lot of interest towards me. I rapidly escalated with a hug and kiss on the forehead. I probably could have kissed her right there and then on the open.

We playfully broke rapport with each other and she also “pushed” me away, and telling me I was “annoying” and to “go away” and I just broke rapport back.

If a girl pushes you away while she is smiling and laughing, that is a great sign to move forward. When a girl playfully breaks rapport with you a lot, then that’s a good sign that she is DTF.

I was able to make out with her within the first couple minutes or so, in front of her friend. She was with a female friend, and there was another guy nearby that was a new guy that her friend was talking too.

I found out my girl lived the East Village and her friend was her roommate. I got introduced to the girl friend and some random guy they met that night.

There was a moment when my girl talked to her friend and her friend basically gave approval, and my girl said that her friend said that it’s OK for my girl and I to make-out

My girl asked me where I was from, and she said that I “smelled” like I was from Australia, lol. I guess I was wearing some good cologne (if you’re curious, the brand is “John Varvatos”).

Drinks To Isolate Her From Her Friend

Then my girl asks me if I want to get a drink, and I said sure, so I could get isolation. We walk towards the front of the bar first, but then I tell her that my tab was still open upstairs, so we go upstairs and I ask her what she wants.

I ask her if she likes Tequila. She says she’ll have whatever I give her. I tell her that she’s having Tequila, and she says OK.

Two shot glasses of tequila with a rim of salt, and lime wedges

We continually break rapport with each other, I was building a lot of attraction but eventually started swinging the other way and hindering me  because her body language was shifting away.

I calibrate and tell her I’m joking around by saying, “I’m sorry”, bring her in for a hug and her body starts shifting towards me again.

I don’t mind buying a girl a drink if we already made-out because she has been investing a lot and I don’t want to punish compliance once I’m in isolation.

We have the shot of Tequila and I give her a glass of water because to ease it. I asked her if she wanted to go to another bar, and she said we could do that.

After talking with her for a bit more and qualifying her, I then try to lead and tell her that we should go to another bar. She says that we should go see her friend first.

I agree to assume the leading frame and said, “Yea, let’s go see your friend” and walk in front of her as we go downstairs. Always be leading!

We get to her friend again, and she is talking to a couple Irish guys. We greet them and introduce ourselves, while my girl grabs my hands and places them on her waist, stands in front of me while she grinds her ass on me.

I then tell my girl that we should go to another bar because there are so many “Irish Leprechauns” here (because of St. Patty’s Day).

She laughs and agrees, and I start leading her towards the front. My girl steps back for a second to try to let her friend know, she’s leaving or moving, but then just keeps walking with me and says that her friend won’t even notice.

I walk with her towards the front, but then she steps to the bar in front. I didn’t want to force to leave yet as it didn’t seem I had enough compliance to leave so I decided to just banter with her for a bit before we left.

Grinding And Pumping Her BT

She actually starts grinding her ass up on my and grabs my hands and places them in front of her crotch. I start rubbing her pussy outside of her jeans and she is bumping her ass on me.

girl grinding ass on guyI break rapport by saying how her olive green jeans for St. Patty’s Day are not doing it for me, and she says she’s actually not feeling anything either (from my hands rubbing her).

We ordered our drinks after I got the bartender’s attention. My girl is the one that asked me what I wanted and I told her vodka club, and she ordered the same.

When the bartender came back with the drinks, my girl looked back at me to see if I would pay. I asked her if she offered it, and she didn’t really like that, and we ended up “splitting it.”

I thought it was understood that I got the first round and she would get the second, but I probably should have made that clear on the first round.

I also could have played it off that it was difficult to get the bartender’s attention since she was busy grinding on me anyways Then I could use that justification to go to another bar since the bartenders here weren’t doing their job or whatever.

She got her drink first and ended up going back to her friend. I caught up with her and she asked me where my drink was, I told her that it didn’t come out, and I asked her to come back with me so I could order my drink.

We get back to the bar, and somehow she drops her drink. I might have bumped it with my hand or the guy sitting next to her bumped into her.

Either way, I playfully say it was my fault, and she hugs me and I build some comfort with her. I then tell her that I will buy the drinks for us.

She doesn’t want to me to buy the drinks, but I insisted so I could continue building comfort and lead the frame.

I order the drinks and we start grinding again and she grabs my hand to rub her pussy.

We do this for several minutes, and she asks me that she wants to feel it later when her pants are off…

Bouncer Saves The Day By Solving Logistics

We then get stopped by the bouncer, and he says we can’t do that here. I apologize and we grab our drinks and start walking back towards her friend.

bouncer stopping with hand

Then the bouncer stops us again and says that we have to leave. This guy was perfectly solving our logistics. Nice!

I build comfort and try to be “diplomatic” and ask him if we could say goodbye to our friends first, even though I knew he would say no. We then start walking out and we leave our drinks behind.

Baby-stepping The Pull With Justifications

Once we’re outside, she says she’ll take a cab back home and she asks me if I’m going back to NJ. I tell her I might just stay in the city because the trains stopped running.

I walk arm-in-arm with her as we find a cab at the street corner. I hail a cab and I open the door for her and have her get in. I then get in with her and she says she’s going back home and asks me where I’m going.

I tell her that that I’m going in the same direction, so I could justify getting in the cab with her.

Even though she may be ready for sex and wants me to come home with her, you should make the decision as easy as possible for her by giving her plausible deniability.

She tells the cab the cross streets of where she lives. As the cab starts driving off, she lays her head on my lap as we go to her place.

I banter with her and the cab driver for a bit to keep her awake, logical mind occupied and build comfort. Once we get to her in front of her place, she pays the cab fare and the cab driver asks if we are making another stop.

I tell him this is the last stop, and my girl repeats my answer.

Cool, she’s OK with me leaving the cab with her.

She pays the fare, we get out and then she asks me where I’m going.

I tell her that my “friend” lives nearby and I texted him for him to get back to me, and I told her that I’ll walk her home.

We get in front of her building, and I tell her that I still haven’t received a text from my friend and I ask her if I could go to her place for a few minutes before he gets back to me.

She says OK but only for 10 minutes, and I say I’ll only stay for 5 minutes, to keep it playful and make her feel comfortable. We get to her living room, sit down, and she has a dog, which was her roommate’s.

Escalating At Sex Location And Overcoming LMR

Her roommate isn’t back yet from the bar yet so we are alone. I start making out with my girl and slowly rub her pussy outside of her jeans, and start removing her pants until it reaches the bottom of her legs.

making out on couchI start fingering her for about a bit. She starts moaning and says, “Wait, come here…” and she then gets up and leads me to her bedroom, while I continue fingering her from behind.

We try to take off her pants, but her boots were in the way. This caused a short state break, which created some LMR so I had to take it slow and get her turned on again after we took off her pants.

I start eating out her pussy, and slowly taking off my clothes. She was trying to prevent me from taking off my pants and I just told her that I wanted to get comfortable.

I eventually got my pants off but I also lost my hard-on after trying to take off her pants and boots so I was trying to get myself hard again by fingering her while jerking myself off.

Once I got hard, I put on a condom and then tossed her on her back, and she got turned on from me moving her around and she said, “Oh yeah…?” as she stuck her ass out in the air.

I continue fingering her as I get closer, but then she turns back around and says not yet.

I then get her turned on a bit more and slowly get closer, giving her the tip to turn her on more. She then fully opens up her legs and says she is so wet for me now, and then I start penetrating her.

I number close her after and she wanted to see me again the coming weekend.

Bonus Field Report With Girl On Train

I end up going back to NJ that night and I actually opened up another set on the train back. I broke a lot of rapport with her and got a lot of attraction from her.

She gave me the biggest anime eyes and her body language was fully on me. I spoke close to her ears a few times and she didn’t move an inch. I definitely could have kissed her and gone for another pull that night.

She was going back Jersey City and my car was in Hoboken.

Part of me wanted to go for it, but I gave myself excuses on how I had things to do in the morning and I didn’t want to walk her home to Jersey City and spend more time and money to get back to Hoboken for my car.

When I got off at my stop in Hoboken, I number closed her on plans for getting a drink sometime. I texted her when I got off the train and got close to my car, and she texted back.

I immediately changed my mind to see if I could still pull tonight and I call her to see where she was at.

She tells me she is walking back to her place, which was about a 20-minute walk from her train stop. I banter with her for a bit and I ask her what she is doing when she gets home.

She says she is going to sleep, so I didn’t push for drinks at her place or something.

I could have at least offered to drive her home since I had my car, but at the time, I thought it might have been “obvious” what I was trying to do and she would give some resistance.

It would have still been worth a shot because I could always calibrate afterward if she gave any objections by answering them and saying I’m not going to go inside or anything because I had to get up early.

I could also playfully break rapport by saying that I’m off duty from Uber and give her first ride from me for free or something to release the tension and make her laugh.

She was busy that weekend celebrating her birthday so I also got her facebook so she could see my profile for some preselection and social proof I have. I can set up a date with her later.

Destroying Limiting Beliefs And Getting Unexpected Help

I blew away a limiting belief I had on getting laid on a slow night at that local bar. I’ve gotten laid on a slow night before but not on a Monday and not in that local NJ town.

I had a limiting belief that it’s much easier to just game in NYC even if it was a slow night because there would be tourists or people generally were more open in the city.

I destroyed that false belief by pulling a girl, on a slow night, in the bathroom in front of her sisters lol.

I’m also looking to improve myself, destroy any limiting beliefs, blast through any glass ceilings and never get complacent. Complacency is the bane of growth.

Another thing that stuck out for me was that I could use graphic PDA to get kicked out of a bar with a girl to help solve logistics, but that’s not optimal lol.

There is always the risk of raising her BT too high only to have it crash or having the staff members recognize you next time and prevent you from coming in.

I could have been more leading and careful with the pumping her BT, unless I planned to pull her into the bathroom at that bar.

I hope you enjoyed reading those lay reports and learned some valuable lessons or got some 2nd hand reference experiences for yourself. I would love to hear your thoughts.

What are some of of your interesting field or lay reports that destroyed your limiting beliefs or taught you some valuable lessons?

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