The Sexy Truth About Our Lives

math and sex

Before you read any further, stop and think about what has shaped your life thus far and the motives behind it. Do we have any control over it or is most it just part of our genetics and circumstances? More importantly, what determines our sex lives? I’ll give you a second to give it a thought…

You may not know it, but there is some truth in all of that. (*Warning* Poker terms ahead) We are all given a pair of cards when we are born. Some of us get the best hand and pre-flop pocket aces, others may get the worst hand, like a 2 and 7 off suit. Yes, there is some chance in life, but it is ultimately up to us how we play it and deal with it.

Our bodies and genes gives us an initial blueprint on how we act and grow. Our upbringing, culture and society help shape us as we get older. You can debate about nature versus nurture all day, but we all have the potential to become whatever we want. Learn how to focus and train your energy for success.

Humans have the unique, strong ability of pattern recognition that has allowed us to become rulers of Earth. From building skyscrapers to inventing the power of flight and constructing jets through science, engineering and mathematics. This is all because of pattern recognition and discovery.

You even start to pick up patterns in your approach and social interactions with women and become calibrated and better at it. Besides picking up patterns through subjective experiences, there is also some objective truth of sex from using math.

What do math and sex have in common? Well, it turns out, a lot! Dr. Clio Cresswell uses mathematics to reveal patterns in our sex lives, using sex to get our brains ready for certain types of problems, and understanding them both from an evolutionary point of view. There are mathematical formulas on how marriages last to the hormonal changes of women and men. Check out this sexy TED talk on math as it relates to our sex lives.

Dr. Cresswell goes in greater detail on the subject in her book, Mathematics and Sex. During the talk, you’ll find an interesting brain hack you can use to solve problems. Cresswell suggests that if you want to view the problem on a more global scale (forest level) and be more creative, then you should think about love before tackling the problem. If you want to view the problem on a more smaller scale (tree level) and be more analytical, then think about sex beforehand. If you found the talk interesting, you can check out her book if you want to delve deeper into math and sex.

math and sex


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