Strike When The Iron Is Hot

Strike While The Iron Is HotImagine you are with a hot girl at a nightclub. You are sitting with her at a table and she can’t resist you. Everything you say comes out smooth everything just seems to be on. You make out with her and number close her. You decide that it is pretty much a done deal with her and that you can hang out with her later because you already had plans later that night. You text her the next morning with a funny playful message, but she responds coldly or doesn’t respond at all… You have a few texts back and forth and try to set up another time to meet but the vibe isn’t as strong as it was before and she is busy. What’s the deal here?

A lot of guys miss out on many opportunities because they feel like they can postpone and have everything fit his schedule. The truth is, you can’t plan everything and you have to just go with the flow sometimes. The woman you were with at the nightclub last night was primed and ready to go. All the right emotions were flowing and she was in state. All you had to do was stay in set and not do anything “stupid”. You’re right there in front of her and she wants you. The minute you leave her side, she gets distracted by other things… other men, job, life events, travel, etc.


I remember a few times in the past where me or my wings made couple simple mistakes that cost us the set. When I go about my day doing errands, I occasionally game some girls on the street or in a store or coffee shop. Things are going well and I number close and be on my way to continue doing my errands or grab something to eat. They were doing their thing and I was doing my own thing. Sometimes I would set up a day 2 with them and sometimes I wouldn’t. However, the other times where I decide to go on a instant date with them while postponing my errands, I’ve seen a lot more success with women. The next time you are with a woman that you really like, you need to ask yourself if it is worth it to do that other thing you planned on doing or just take advantage of the opportunity in front of you.

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2 Replies to “Strike When The Iron Is Hot”

  1. you couldnt be more right Will – there have been plenty of times where i just aim for the phone number and the next day I’m wondering why she is not answering me

    but that is the old me, now i try and go for the close every night

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