Sperm Wars And Why We Cheat

sperm warsIf you ever wanted to know why we cheat and get the truth on the motivations behind sex and our infidelity, then look no further. You questions shall be answered. Monogamy isn’t the only way to go. Sometimes, for many people, polygamy or having multiple or polyamorous relationships is useful mating strategy for reproduction. There is a constant battle to pass down our genes to the next generation and the next one after. This is the concept of the book called, Sperm Wars: Infidelity, Sexual Conflict, and Other Bedroom Battles.

We are biologically driven to pass down our genes. Yes we are motivated by the pleasures of sex and orgasm, but, subconsciously there is an inner urge d to pass down our genes in the process. Biologist, Robin Baker, discusses this in his book, Sperm Wars. He gives interesting hypotheses on our behaviors and how men’s sperm compete for the egg and how women may even orchestrate these battles, without even realizing it. She is subconsciously trying to see who has the best genes based on the sperm warfare.

Oral sex is explained as way to determine the health of the partner receiving the act and to detect for any possibility of infidelity. You may think that you are just doing it as act of foreplay and get your partner excited and give them pleasure, but it also gives you clues if they are healthy or been faithful based on the smell or taste. Can you believe that even the shape of the penis has a purpose? It is designed to act as suction and remove other men’s sperm in the women’s cervix during thrusting when she recently had sex with another guy.

There are also different kinds of sperms for men. Each ejaculate has an estimated less than 1% of fertile sperm to enter the egg. The others are considered to be “kamikaze” or “blockers” to attack and defend against other men’s sperms. How wild is that? Women are also more likely to cheat and have sex with other men besides their partner during their fertile phase while having more routine sex with her partner in her infertile phase. The reasoning in the book may surprise you.

The books gives interesting stories and realistic narratives of men and women having sex with explanations and evidence to support them. The author also gives comparisons with other animals that show similar behavior. The book is pretty controversial because it talks about things such as rape and homosexuality, but it is really eye-opening on our behaviors for sex. I recommend reading Sperm Wars to get an entertaining and insightful look into sex and the psychology and evolutionary biology behind it.

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4 Replies to “Sperm Wars And Why We Cheat”

  1. Yeah, it’s a cool book. I’ve read some of it. But also really scary. Is it cool when your ever loving wife cheats on you just because you’re infertile? 😀 I mean how I know if I’m fertile or not? Now you see Will? That’s why I said women are mean. 😀

  2. Lol, it can go both ways as well Dilusha. We all have selfish, reproduction programming set by our genes and biology to have the highest chances of passing down our legacy. It’s nothing personal. It’s just our bodies subconsciously leading us to having sex with the best possible mates.

    • So does women sense a man’s fertility? Do they smell it or something? And they’re only sleeping with fertile men? That doesn’t make sense. Women are sleeping around to just have sex, not to have babies. So, why would they care about a man’s fertility in such a case? It only matters when she needs a baby, right? Can’t an infertile man fuck a woman? I think you can’t tell the difference by just looking at them, right? Both men look and act normal I guess.

      You know Will, this is a pretty serious issue, at least for me. 😀 Because what I’m about to say has been a rumor for some time, but now I know its real. One of my aunt, one of my mom’s younger sister cheated his husband, my uncle for the exact same reason. My uncle is apparently infertile. So they didn’t had a baby for some years. All of a sudden Aunt got pregnant. And that’s by her boss in her office. Then the baby was born, after few months of chaos, now they’re separated but not divorced yet. Aunt’s boss is married and have big kids too, but visits aunt frequently and takes care of the child and aunt, but secretly of course. Because he’s got his wife too. So this secret life won’t last too long. Boss’s wife and children will find this one out pretty soon. And my uncle was a perfectly nice guy, but now he is a total freak. I’m not worrying about any of them except for that little girl who born few months ago. 🙁 That’s it Will..But that story really scares me. It scares me a lot. 😀

      • Women may or may not sense a man’s fertility. If she’s been having routine sex with her partner for some time and there is still no conception, then she might have her suspicions (consciously of unconsciously) that her partner or even herself may be infertile. She continues to have sex with her partner for the possibility that he may still be fertile, but she may look for opportunities to sleep with other men who she perceives as having good genes or resources.

        I’m sorry to hear about your family’s situation. Unfortunately, that’s a fairly common example and is very similar to some stories in the book. At least the child seems to be still receiving love and being supported by all sides. This actually works both the child’s and mother’s favor since the boss is committing his time and possibly his resources.

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