Spark Attraction Part 3 | Advanced Breaks in Rapport

seduce woman break rapportThe spark of attraction is breaking rapport.  We have showed some basic breaks in rapport before.  You have seen the effectiveness of creating attraction from the previous breaks if you have practiced them.  Now we are getting into the more advanced breaks in rapport to bring that attraction to the next level.  These will show her that you mean business and that you are a real man and are not afraid to put yourself out there.  It takes some balls to do some of these if you have never done them before, but rest assured, these will become second nature to you with enough practice & experience.  Women will just be naturally attracted to you, not because of your strong outer game, but solid inner game and frame.  Let’s get into it.

Advanced Breaking Rapport

Self-Ridicule (DLV)

Most guys try to impress the girls by bragging about themselves or demonstrating higher value (DHV).  This is boring for the girl and she can instantly tell you are being try-hard and actually have lower value by qualifying yourself.  When you do the opposite and make fun of yourself by demonstrating lower value (DLV), you are throwing their pattern their off again.  This only works if you have a strong frame and it is obvious you are of higher value.  A DLV here done right, will cause cognitive dissonance in the girl and she will laugh and know you are joking.  It can actually come off as a DHV as it is reinforcing your intrinsic value when you play it off with a DLV and shows you have social intelligence and humor.

break rapport girls

Imagine you open up a group of hot girls with complete confidence and at ease.  You smile, have strong eye contact, comfortable body language, dynamic facial expressions, and good voice tonality.  They see that and are enjoying your company.  You are bantering them with attractive conversation and you are all laughing and having fun together.  You pick your target, notice her accent, and ask her where she is from.  She says in her eastern European accent, “I am from the Ukraine.”  You respond, “Oh my god!  No way!” as you humorously change your body language into less confident by looking away and pull your hands together and continue, “I am actually very shy against Ukrainian girls.”  This actually acts as funny disqualifier as well as a DLV.  She and her friends will begin to laugh as you obviously have confidence and will actually begin to feel more attraction towards you.  Crazy huh?

Sexual Conversation

Here is where you kick things up a notch.  One of your goals or waypoints in any relationship with a woman, is to get intimate and sexual with her.  One of the ways to help you with this is preloading that idea and setting up the frame in her subconscious by having sexual conversations with her.  The key here is to not to have direct conversations of you two sleeping together, but to talk about past sexual experiences or getting her opinion on a sexual topic.  You may not want to have this conversation early on until you have built enough investment, comfort and attraction with her.  Of course, there are certain situations where you can speed things up and get sexual rather quickly, you just have to calibrate.

After you have been talking for a while and built some comfort, you could ask her opinion on a real life situation you are having or discussing about with your friends.  You could say something like, “Hey, you seem pretty comfortable and socially savvy with a lot of topics…” you could wait a couple seconds for a response or continue, “My friend has been dating this guy for a few months and they have been getting pretty intimate.  What’s really interesting is that she wants to try something new and exciting with him and have a threesome with another girl.  Thing is, is that he is not sure how he feels about it and is wondering if he should just go ahead with it to make her happy.  What do you think?”

I just made up that routine up there, just now, at the top of my head.   Now, reading it back, I just realized how powerful and genius this is.  This routine hits so many things so fast that helps her qualify herself and create lots of attraction.  One thing we have done already is qualified her for being comfortable and socially savvy to preload and get her ready for the next question.  You are then trying to get her “qualified” opinion on a very interesting and sexual topic.  You talk about your female friend, which displays preselection (#1 attraction trigger), who is bisexual and open to threesomes.  You can find out if she has ever had threesomes or is open to them.  If she is, you can introduce her to another one of your “open” female friends and initiate a kiss between them or a three-way kiss.

Physical Escalation

This is the next step is finally physically escalating to a more sexual vibe.  You want to initiate touch from the very beginning with anything like a handshake and escalating further to a hug, hand-holding and leading etc.  You will be psychically escalating throughout the interaction.  What a lot of guys new to game won’t do, is taking it a step further by touching or kissing her in the erogenous zones, neck, shoulders, waist, abdomen, etc.  Now I don’t mean to outright grab her boobs, although there are subtle ways to touch them.  I especially like to physically escalate on the dance floor, but it can be done anywhere.

advanced break rapport

One of the things I like to do after I built enough rapport and attraction with them, is have my hand on her leg while I’m talking about something non-sexual related.  This can be done when you are sitting in a table and nobody can see you have your hand on her leg and it will be a little conspiracy between you two as you rub her leg with your hand and talk about whatever.  Find any excuse to massage her hands or shoulder, say you just learned from your friend who is a masseuse some massage techniques that you know she will love and then talk about whatever while you are doing them.  You attempts to kiss her, whether you succeed or not, is also a break in rapport.  A lot of guys don’t make the first move, and the fact that you did sets you apart from everybody else.

These are just a few examples of advanced breaks in rapport.  If these sound difficult to you, don’t worry.  With practice, work your way up the difficulty of breaks in rapport and you will comfortable and confident in your abilities in no time.  You will get better at reading the sub-communications of a woman and be able to calibrate where you are in the interaction and know what is the next thing to do.  Inner game comes with practice of outer game.  Practicing with no techniques is better than not practicing at all.  Knowing the theories and techniques can only provide an abstract reference point until you go out and do it.

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  3. The clever thing about that routine you made up is that you made sex 3rd party. If it’s about you and the girl having sex together, it’s weird. If it’s third party, it’s cool.

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