Solidify Yourself in Set with the Introduction

handshake introductionHave you ever wondered why you were unable to stay in set with a large group of people? You’re talking to one person and their friends eventually blow you out because they don’t know you. Some people may not feel comfortable talking to a large group of people and I can see where they are coming from. You can easily overcome getting blown out of set and feeling uncomfortable with a simple introduction.

I used to only target single sets as there were less variables to deal with and just thought it would be easier.  However, I soon realized that I would improve faster in my game if I opened any set where I saw an attractive woman, regardless of how many are in the group.

You will rarely find beautiful women alone in the nightlife.  You may find them during day or street game if you want to go that route. Single sets can work great if she is alone. You don’t have to worry about any of her friends taking her away or deal the with group dynamics and logistics.  However, she may be waiting for a friend and your set will have an external interrupt. You need to make friends with her friends.  You can either introduce yourself to her friend or even better, have her introduce you to the friend.

Let’s take a look at a good example that makes an effective use of the introduction.  Say you decide to open a hot girl within a large mixed set, meaning that there are both guys and girls in the group.  You have a number of ways to approach and solidify yourself.  It may be difficult to open her directly if you don’t have enough social proof or value and you don’t know if she is dating one of the guys.

The best way is to open one of the guys and befriend him.  Find some commonality with him, like where he is from or his career, etc.  Crack a joke about the environment or whatever to build rapport and then you can say something like, “Hey, I’m kind of new to the area, how do you know everybody here?”  He will then begin to explain his relationship with everyone and then you could ask him to introduce you to a few of his friends. He will mostly likely do so if you have been cool with him and others may assume that you guys are just friends catching up.

Once you build rapport with the other friend, you can ask them to introduce you to another.  If you do this enough times, you will have been so ingrained in the group that it will seem like you know everybody and it will be hard for you to get blown out unless you severe rapport.  You will also know the relationships of everybody so you don’t step on anybody’s toes if you game a girl who is already taken.  You should try to get introduced to the hot girl last so you will have built the most social proof and preselection before gaming her and have her start qualifying. You have set up yourself for a high chance of success. Now go out there and introduce yourself.

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4 Replies to “Solidify Yourself in Set with the Introduction”

  1. Golden nuggets in here. Definitely always open the guys first then qualify the group.
    It’s cool cause the guys are all for hooking up their female friends, at least in the scenarios I’ve been in

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