Should Polygamy Be Legal?

Two brides are sharing one sexy groom.“Love is love.” Same-sex marriage is now legal in the United States. Man can marry man and woman can marry woman, but what about marrying more than one person? People say that now we have legalized gay marriage, we have now opened the doors to polygamy. Are we going down a slippery slope and should we let it happen?

What are the political, legal and social implications and economics of polygamy? In polygyny (where a man has more than 1 wife), some argue that higher-status men will hoard the women while lower-status men will be left in no women. This will increase violence and crime in lower-status men. They also say that there will be unhealthy competition among women for the high-status men. They also talk about the complications on marriage agreements, custody, parental rights, etc.

I understand that back in the day, in patriarchal times, there were issues with polygamy, but the same could be said of monogamy. We have evolved past that and are becoming more of a conscious society. People are already living in polyamorous and group relationships. This will just allow them to enjoy the legal benefits of marriage as well. Law can complicated but it all can be broken down logically once you put it on paper.

I can see the reasoning behind the argument that high-status men will hoard all the women. It is possible that highly-rich men could just wife all these women up by appealing to the provider frame and/or sexually. Game trumps money and status, but if the pool of available women is low, should you game a married woman? That is a question of moral values and if you are prepared for the possible repercussions and consequences.

A lower-status male has the potential to attract and seduce women even if she is married. A “lowly” can still get a hot woman, whether married or single.  There are stories of poor men with game wifing up women and being in love. That should give you hope if you are a dead-beat, but where where in the world is polygamy allowed if you want a harem of wives?

polygamy map
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Polygamy is currently outlawed in most parts of the world with the exception of much of Africa and the Middle East. It will be interesting how the legal status of polygamy will progress in the US and throughout the rest of the world. I believe in polyamorous relationships and I think the benefits outweigh the costs in polygamy in today’s society, but I’m still interested in hearing what others have to say. What are your thoughts? Do you think polygamy is a fundamental right and will it be ubiquitous in the future?

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2 Replies to “Should Polygamy Be Legal?”

  1. I don’t believe people should get married at all if they were smart but I like the fact that people have the rights to do so.

    I could have sworn polygamy was legal in counties of states that Mormons were a good chunk of but I’m probably wrong either way they are obviously doing it.

    People should be able to get married if they want to, just know if you do you’re in idiot haha

    • Polygamy was outlawed in Utah in 1890, but people still practice polyamory and live with more than 1 partner. I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, but there are certain tax benefits to getting married like using your spouse as a tax shelter.

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