She Is Screening To See If You Are A Sexual Being | Part 1

Woman testing man under magnifying glassYou’ll never know what you will expect when you’re out gaming. Talking to several girls every night of the week, you’re bound to get some interesting experiences and run into the same girls again. This night was one of those nights and it was one of the quickest pulls I’ve ever done.

I was out gaming in Omnia nightclub in Las Vegas and walking towards the bar in the Hip-Hop room. Then, out of nowhere, a girl comes up to me and pinches my left nipple. Without even thinking, I react immediately and grab her hand and pull her next to me. I knew I should rapidly escalate and was about to kiss her, but I noticed that I already met this girl from the previous night at XS and it took me a second to process that.

I had actually already kissed her when I first met her, but that extra second in delay before I tried to kiss her again made me only get the cheek or the corner of her lips. Timing in calibration is very important to escalate though those windows of opportunity.

She said that we already met the other night. I agreed and she continued saying, “Yea, where were you last night? I called you.” I first met her at XS for about 2 minutes towards the beginning of the previous night and I rapidly escalated to a kiss and got her number. I could have gone for the pull last night but it was still early in the night and I was training some students.

She asked me then if I was half-asian and I told her I wasn’t. She called me again toward the end of the previous night and asked if I was (some other guy’s name) that she met at XS. I tell her that my name is Will. 

She then asks if I was the asian guy she met. I jokingly say, “Yea sure, we’ll go with that.” She then says, “You’re not asian. I’m actually looking for somebody else. Sorry.” I then jokingly say, “OK, thanks for breaking my heart.” She breaks rapport with me back and says, “Well, you already broke mine.” We playfully talk back and forth but we eventually just said goodbye to each other. I could have pushed to meet up with her again and closed her that night.

When I ran into her again at Omnia, I started escalating to a kiss quickly within a couple seconds. I knew I could pull her now. I then asked where she was staying and she said MGM. I then said, “Let’s get out of here.” She then said, “OK, prove it. Make the move.” She was testing me to see if I was full of shit or hesitant to pull her. I then grab her hand and start leading her out of the club within a minute 30 seconds of meeting her again. How will this pull pan out? You won’t want to miss what happens in the next post.

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