She Is Screening To See If You Are A Sexual Being | Part 3


Things are beginning to heat up when I try to escalate and have sex with this girl on my friend’s balcony, but she gives me last minute resistance because she wants to be somewhere more private. I didn’t have a room available at the time so my next option was to try and pull her into one of the private bathrooms in the condominium. We grabbed a bottle of wine before we start heading down to the floor with the private bathroom. Read the first part of this lay report for more details before leading up to this point.

We get to the third floor and I walk her around towards the bathroom. There are some paintings on the wall and I tell her that we have some cool paintings here. We then arrive to the private bathroom and I pull her in. She gives me some resistance but finally comes in. I try to start escalating on her again but she says, “I’m not having sex in the bathroom. I’m more classy than that.” She then says, “If we are going to do this, we are going to do things my way. We are going to UNLV and having sex in one of the fields.” It was pretty clear she wanted to have sex and wanted to do it this way as there was no other option. I just agree and we walk back downstairs and get a cab.

We get to UNLV and start walking around to find a secluded spot. I tried to pull her behind some bushes a couple times but she wanted a better spot. She gave me a blowjob on one of the benches and deep throated me. A guy on the skateboard rode by and I told her to get up and stand in front of me to block his view while I sit down. After he rode by, we then got up and started walking around to find a different spot.

We eventually found a building where we can walk underneath with a low ceiling and pretty secluded with bushes. She said, “Oh it looks like we are actually going to have sex here.” I then start escalating on her and finger her. I start removing my pants and put on a condom and then closed her.

After we finished we head out to a mini-mart and called a cab. We went back to MGM and I walked her up to her room. She seemed surprised that I was walking her back and said I was sweet. We went up to her room and I walk her in. I see 3 girls sleeping on the beds. I thought about escalating with her in the bathroom again to have sex with her, but one of the girls woke up and the mood didn’t feel right.

As she walked me out of the room, I start escalating with her again to see if I could spike her BT and have sex with her. It was working for a bit, but she said that she had to go to sleep and catch the flight the next morning. I leave and give her a kiss goodbye. She’s flying to LA and staying there for a bit before she goes back to Vancouver. She said she wants to be friends with benefits. I have her number so I might hit her up whenever I visit Vancouver.

Every now and then you will encounter sets that will not want to waste time and will screen you to see if you will give them the sex they want. This girl pinched my nipple when she bumped into me again at the club. There is no other appropriate response for me than to rapidly escalate and go for the pull. She is not there for small talk. If I hadn’t escalated quickly, the BT would have dropped and attraction would fade.

She wanted me to lead and pull her. When she didn’t feel comfortable with my logistics, I let her lead until I found a private spot to pull her in. If she is screening to see if you are sexual being, you need to act and show her you are comfortably sexually and start escalating and leading. Are you showing her that you are sexual?

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