She Is Screening To See If You Are A Sexual Being | Part 2

woman seduce manI randomly bumped into this girl again while out clubbing and she greeted me again my pinching my nipple. I rapidly escalated and kissed her within a few seconds again and knew that I could pull her soon. When I went for the pull, she wanted to see if I was serious so I just started leading within a minute of seeing her again. If you want to get more details from the beginning of this lay report, then check out the first part of this post.

As I’m leading her out of the club, we  bump into one of the girls in her group and they start talking for a bit. They had one of the exits blocked off so we then start walking the other way. While I’m leading my girl and then her friend taps my back and says, “Hey! Good Job!” and gives me thumbs up and I just smile back at her. LOL.

As we are walking through the hallway, she then stops and looks around and thinks about something. Just to get an idea of her logistical situation and see what she is thinking, I ask her, “What are you doing after this?” She says, “You. I’m doing you. I’m going to suck your cock when we get out of here. I thought we already established that.” I just looked at her slightly nodding acknowledging that I knew we are going to fuck as I notice her triangular gazing me.

She then tells me, “Wait right here for 10 minutes. I’ll be right back.” I break eye contact with her for a second and take a deep breath to indicate that I’m not going to wait for her. I ask her again to confirm to meet back up here in 10 minutes and she nods.  It’s 1:31am and she shows me the time of her phone and says to meet back at 1:41am. This was a quick pull and relatively early to leave the club. My plan was to pull her quickly to her room or my friend’s place then go out and continue gaming.

I walk back to Heart Club to continue gaming a few more chicks. I actually bumped into her again a couple times in there but she was talking on the phone walking around by herself looking for something or someone. She says that it still hasn’t been 10 minutes yet. The second time I bumped into her, she show’s me her phone and there’s like a minute left. She comes back for me, signaling us to leave.

We then walk and I lead her outside of the club by the hand. She eventually lets go of my hand and says, “You don’t have to hold my hand.” I knew this girl just wanted to fuck and didn’t really need any comfort. We just continued to walk to the cab line and did some fluff talk. She actually asked what I did for a living then took the question back and said, “Well, it doesn’t actually matter what you do.” I think we exchanged names here and she also said something similar like, “I don’t need to know your name either.” and she laughed.

When we got into the cab, she told me to get in first. I held the door open for her and told her to get in first, but she insisted on me getting in first. It wasn’t worth arguing with her as she was already DTF and I just wanted to move the set forward so I got in first. When we got in, I told the cab to drive us to where I was staying. I found out earlier in set that she had bad logistics because she was staying with her mom and few friends at MGM so we couldn’t go back to her room. I noticed her body language and legs were facing towards me as we were driving back. We did some fluff talk with each other and cab driver on the way back to my friend’s place.

We get to my friend’s place and I pay for the cab fare. We get up the elevators and walk inside. All the lights are on and my friend’s roommate is working in the living on his laptop. I introduce her to him and then we walk towards the couch in the living room. I start lowering the blinds of the balcony window because my plan was to close her on the balcony and I wanted some privacy. I didn’t have my own room at the time to pull her in, so this was the next best option.

I ask her if she wants any drinks and she said she wants some wine. I pour her a glass and we walk out to the balcony. We talk for a bit and then she starts making out with me. I start escalating and start massaging her breasts but she pulls my hand away and asks me if we are fucking on the balcony. I just nod and continue escalating, but she stops me again and says, “I’m not going to have sex here on the balcony. Can we just go to your room?” I didn’t want to lower my value and say I didn’t have a room so I just remain vague and say, “My room is not ready.” She continues and says, “Well I’m not having sex here.”

My plan now is to pull her into one of the private bathrooms on the first few floors of condominium. I would rather pull there then go into the bathroom with my friend’s roommate right outside of it, since she already gave me resistance in that area. I just nod at her and say, “OK.” and we just start walking her out of my friend’s place. She asks if we should bring some more wine with us and I agree. We grab a bottle of wine and start walking out. She asks me where we are going and I tell her that I want to show her something. Will I be able to pull her into the private bathrooms or will I get resistance? Your answer will be revealed in the next part of this story.

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