Sexy Cougars Are On The Prowl! | Part 2

cougar prowlIn the first part of this story, I was able to dance with the sexy cougar inside the club and get the kiss. I convinced her to come outside so I could take things further. Once we arrived outside, I wanted to find a place to sit, but she placed her small purse down somewhere and started dancing with me. I guess she liked my moves and wanted more.

We danced for a bit more closer facing face to face. I kissed her again and she was making out with me more this time. I remember what my mentor told me before from another set a few years ago, that I should not escalate too much and should pull back so she doesn’t get validation from a heavy make-out. I pull back and tell her let’s go sit down somewhere. She agrees and I lead her by the hand again.

We walk around the pool in XS and I do some fluff talk to keep her state up. I see some empty tables with couches but didn’t want to sit down in case somebody would kick us off. We walk around towards the back and find a ledge to sit down near entrance of the middle island bar. I qualify her and told her to tell me 3 interesting things about herself and she starts qualifying. She then asks me the same question and I give her a few short quick vague answers so she is still investing more than me.

Suddenly, some random guy sits down next to me, trying to put his shirt back but is having some trouble. The cougar notices this and asks him if he is having trouble. She then whispers to me that he seems drunk and needs some help. She reaches over me and then tries to help him. This guy was in decent shape but wasn’t ripped or had huge muscles. Not sure if he was trying to steal my set, but I wasn’t really worried as I had already kissed my girl and had more investment from her and wouldn’t just leave with some random guy.

I then whisper to her and say that she is acting like his mother. She laughs and agrees. I then look at the guy and he gives me a smirk like he is getting more attention from my girl. I just give him a smirk back and decide to just wait for her to finish helping him get his shirt back up.

After he gets his shirt back on, she tells him go drink some water at the fountain and he then walks off. She then says that she is thirsty and wants to get a drink at the fountain. The guy disappeared and we didn’t seem him at the fountain.

After she drank the water, I asked her if she was hydrated now. She said yes and then I kissed her. After kissing her I said that I was now hydrated myself. She smiled and then she asked me, “Do you want to come back to my hotel?” I said, “Yea, let’s get out of here.” She said OK, and then I lead her by the hand to leave the club. Let’s see how this sexy tale of the cougar ends in the next post.

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