Sexual Energy

sex chakra energy vibeThere is something that gives off an aura, a presence, around someone that gives off a certain vibe.  You can break it down by their physical sub-communications like their body language, facial expressions, voice tonality, etc. Sometimes you can just pick it up by their surrounding energy by their thoughts and emotions. Before you call this some new age, hippy shit, hear me out…

Whenever you interact with somebody, you are displaying your energy and vibe, which is reflected by your thoughts and emotions.  Think about it… if you go up and talk to a girl, and think of all the negative things that could go wrong and how you are not good enough for her, she will instantly sense that.

You imagine all the difference scenarios where she gets offended, disgusted, laughs at you, throws her drink on you, calls her boyfriend over and you get knocked out.  You are displaying these emotions through microexpressions and body language and will see that right away. If you imagine all of this, you instantly blow yourself out before you even approach.

However, if you approach a girl, think of all the positive things that could go right, she will feel comfortable around you, and not only that, but she will begin to feel attracted to you!

You imagine the both of you doing fun dates and activities together.  You are picturing and feeling that the two of you are already escalating, making out, conducting foreplay and having sex.  You are projecting those future feelings back to the present as if they were happening now and she will feel this sexual energy from you!

It is important to have these thoughts and emotions in the back of your mind while interacting with her in a fun and playful mood as to not come off as a creep.  This of course, will come with practice and calibration, as it will begin to come naturally and both you and her will notice it!sexual energy man womanSome of you may not be able to fully imagine those positive feelings if you don’t have a reference point or enough experience yet.  That’s alright.  Alternatively, you can just think of nothing but the present moment.

Don’t think about the bad or the good things that can happen, but what is happening now, which is neutral or just intrinsically good.  If you focus on the present moment, everything becomes clearer.

When you see a cute girl, you don’t hesitate to allow any feelings to get through as you just start moving your feet and approach and all you are thinking about is going up to her and saying, “Hi.”

Now you don’t want to be emotionless.  Just approach with a smile and use that adrenaline rush from any approach anxiety you might have to convert that to excitement and good energy.  That will work just as good. Are you giving off the right emotions and energy?

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2 Replies to “Sexual Energy”

  1. I am definitely one to be visualizing my success with women before i go out for the night. Is this what you mean by women picking up your vibe ?

    • That will definitely help harness your energy when you go out Drew. When you visualize the success beforehand, you are projecting those feelings and vibe before it happens and then you will be ready and bring it out when it does happen.

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