Sex Location Part 2 | Solving Logistics

las vegasWithout good logistics, you will not get laid. I’ve talked about the importance of logistics, now we are going to talk about ways to solve it and the mindset you need to do that. We already know that logistics is half the battle. Sometimes the gods will align everything together and you don’t even need good game, but everything will sort of work itself out and you will have sex.

I got lucky when this girl, who was an acquaintance of mine, lost all her friends and her phone died while she was in a club in Vegas. She decided to hang out with me for the rest of the night since she knew me. What really helped was when she  got thrown out of the club so she couldn’t get back to her friends, but I’ll save that random lay story for next time. Often you won’t have the logistics laid out in front of you, so you have to take measures to make it work for you.

Mindset For Sex

First things first. You need to change your mindset to get results you want, if you haven’t already. The first thing you should think of when you first approach a girl is, “Where am I going to have sex with her today/tonight?” That may come to a shock to you, but it is an effective method to have a goal in mind and work backwards from it.

You may be thinking that you shouldn’t come off as creepy and have only sex on your mind. I’m not saying that. I’m saying that you should have it in the back of your mind while you are subconsciously gaming. Know how to break rapport to build attraction and qualify her to get her invested. It may take some time for you to get to that point, but remember that should always have the goal in mind. You are more likely to achieve it and you can screen for logistics to make sure you are not wasting your time.

Screen for logistics will be necessary if you want to increase your chances of sleeping with her. Now that you have a better understanding of her situation, who she’s with, where she’s staying, and what she is doing that day or the next morning, you will be able to use that information to your advantage when you strategically lead the set.

You will also need to pre-seed the pull, meaning you casually mention something in mid-set that you could later bring up to justify you going to her place or her coming to yours.


For example, you could mention the cool view from your apartment early in the interaction or anything else relevatnt and interesting at your place, then once you have enough attraction and already kissed her, you can go for the pull back to your place. If she asks where you are going, you could just smile and say, “Somewhere fun…” or give the seeded justification. You could also pre-seed the pull by being curious about the place she lives in since you are thinking about moving out there.

Sometimes the seeding won’t always work and you have to think on your feet. This is where your creativity, endurance, and spontaneity come into play as well. Even when you have a plan to lay her, certain events or obstacles may come up and you have to adapt to the situation.

hot club girls
Solve logistics and you will sleep with your girl

For example, you may find out that she is with 7 other girl friends and they are staying in 2 different rooms in a hotel nearby. They are leaving 2 days from now to go back to their home in another country. You’ve already kissed your girl and your wing has as well. You both live about 30 minutes away from where you met the girls at the club. What is the best course of action?

You can’t really have sex with her at the hotel room because of her friends and if you may lose some comfort if you drive her 30 min away. You may have to just wing it and see where the set takes you or plan for a day 2, but you still have to strategically think where to take the set. We’ll talk about some advanced logistics when you don’t have an obvious option.

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