Sex Location Part 1 | Logistics

logistics woman
If she’s attracted enough, she may help solve logistics

Having the best game in the world won’t mean jack unless you have the logistics. Logistics is the plan of moving your girl from meet to sex location . Half the battle is solving logistics so it is necessary to understand it and to carry on to your end game objective.

Even if the girl wants it, she usually won’t make it easy for you to have sex with her. She doesn’t want to be labeled as a slut or easy so It is up to you lead the entire interaction with confidence up until sex and even afterwards.

Have you ever had a time where everything was going smoothly with a girl where she was already heavily attracted to you… you two were making out or even doing some foreplay outside of the sex location… until she realizes that she can’t leave her friends or has work tomorrow morning?  Some things can kill the mood even when it looks like they can’t.

Women will want to preserve their social status and will use their logical rationale to find reasons not to have sex with you even if their emotional side is craving it.  Women love sex and will do it under the right circumstances. We’ll cover the different ways to solve and screen for logistics and some common scenarios you can overcome.

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9 Replies to “Sex Location Part 1 | Logistics”

  1. Logistics are SO important. The first 10-15 minutes of my set are all based on me asking questions to understand what her situation is. It’s funny how far you can go in set before you realize you have no sex location if you don’t ask logistics early.

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