Self-Actualization, Realizing Your Real Potential And Completing Your True Destiny

fullfilling your destinyWhat is your destiny? Are you fulfilling your life to the fullest? This is something that we should all ask ourselves from time to time. We all have had ambitions, dreams, or goals but then get sidetracked or encounter obstacles that discourages or stop us in our tracks.

This is something you must constantly be aware of to keep yourself focused. But in order for us to fully realize our dreams and purpose we need to satisfy our basic needs first. Once we accomplish this then we can become self-actualized.

What is self-actualization? You probably have heard of the term before. It is the top of the pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The first needs to be met in order to survive are physiological such as food and water. The second needs are safety such as shelter and financial security. The third need is a feeling of being loved or sense of belonging within family, group or society. The fourth need is self-esteem and feeling respected.

The final point and at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is, of course,  self-actualization. This is when you reach your full potential and become the best you can possibly be. This is where all your dreams begin to come true.

maslow-need-hierarchyThere is a good chance if you’re reading this, then your physiological and safety needs are already being met, otherwise you’d be more concerned on trying to get fed or having a place to sleep. That’s good. If not, then that should be your primary focus before you continue on. You can’t become self-actualized if you’re not alive, right?

If you need to work on being loved and developing your relationships, then this site can help you do that. Hopefully you already have a healthy relationship with your family or friends. If not you should learn how to connect with them and strengthen that relationship with love. It’s good to have baseline of support instead of trying to hookup with every girl you meet every night without having any firm foundation to fall back on. Otherwise, your life will be meaningless and you will feel very empty. Spend time with your family and friends. Do things and offer value to each other, build deeper connections and commonalities and memorable experiences

After you have handled those aspects of your needs, you will most likely want to have more intimate relationships with the women you are attracted to. My site has loads of information and is perfect for that as well. Use it. In addition to building a connection with her, learn how to spark attraction by breaking rapport, gain investment from qualification and escalating to move things closer to a sexual relationship.

Once you have your sex and love life at the minimum level where you are satisfied with, whatever that may be, then you can work on developing your self-esteem and self-respect. I actually believe that you can begin to work with esteem along with love and sense of belonging, as long as you’ve already had your physiological and safety needs met.

Work on yourself and feel good knowing you are making progress and improving. You will also gain recognition from yourself as well from others without actively seeking it. In fact, if you are actively trying to seek approval, it is actual detrimental as others can sense your neediness. Just focus on improving yourself and making yourself better each day. The ability to pickup and attract any women will also make you feel good.

This is all about a state of mind and making progress towards your goals. Love, sex and esteem can all be worked on simultaneously. After you start getting momentum in these areas of you life, you can start working on fulfilling your purpose and being the best that you can be. This is when your creative power is unleashed, you are completely in the moment, spontaneous, care-free and able to start achieving your goals much more easily. You will also be able to tap into the flow state more often and be very efficient.

I used to have really low self-esteem and definitely was lacking in the love department growing up. Yea, I had a loving family, but I didn’t have a real girlfriend throughout high school. I felt depressed and lonely throughout most of late teens and found comfort in just playing video games and staying in. Now, I can’t even imagine doing that every night.

Once I started taking action and learned the skills to meet and attract women and putting that into practice, and started seeing some results, I was building traction. I started feeling more valued and connected with people. Now, I’m able to strike up an interesting conversation with anyone and build attraction with the women I want.

group of hot girls in club pick a targetThis, of course, also raised my self-esteem, but then I realized that I didn’t need their respect and I was just naturally in a good state most of the time without interacting with anyone. I always gave value and if they didn’t want it or needed, then no big deal. I’m always moving along my path, towards my ideal future and accomplishing my vision.

Now I’m working on becoming my best self. Eating healthy, exercising, not drinking alcohol or smoking or doing any drugs. Gain knowledge and constantly reading (my goal is to read at least 1 new book each week). Surround myself with positive influences and set solid actionable plans that are achievable and following through with them. Helping others become the best version of themselves as well and pass on the knowledge and skills to attract any woman they want. There’s no such thing as perfection. Self-actualization is a journey, not a destination. Follow your purpose. What are you doing to move towards your destiny and becoming self-actualized?



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  1. Did you miss me Will? I was quite busy for the last couple of weeks. But I’m back. 😀 So, a great article! I think you should write more of these articles frequently. Not just posting some TED talks. Why? You’re a brilliant writer. 😀 Anyway, I need to ask you something about women. This is a pretty big issue for me. A very big one. I’m feeling very negatively about women(Apart from my mom). I’ve got every bad thought on women in my head. For an example, when I see a hot rich woman ignore me, hatred, anger stirs in my mind. Then I says to myself, “you heartless monstrous bitch, all you need is money! Alright, one day I’ll be the richest man on earth and I’ll prove my worth” Such thoughts… I think I can’t understand women. I’m so lost and confused Will. There’s no one who can help me with this. Can you help me with this?

    • Glad to have you back, Dilusha. Thanks for the comment. I like write as much as I can, but also find some videos interesting to share as well. To address your question, you shouldn’t take things personal when a woman ignores you. Having those negative thoughts will continue to persist if you allow them. This will disrupt your progress and you will encounter more “negative” experiences. It’s all about perception and shifting your mindset constructively. Once you do that, things will start to becoming much easier and you’ll realize that it’s not a big deal and be phased by it. Feel free to use the resources I have on this site to help you with whatever it is you need in this area. If you want to talk about specific situations or get some coaching, fill out the coaching form and we’ll crush any sticking points you have.

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