Running High BT Sets | Match Her Energy And Escalate!

hot buying temperatureYou’ll run into some girls who area all over the place. The “ADHD” girls or girls with high BT need more energy than usual from you or else you will lose them. If you don’t match her energy or raise slightly above hers, she will get bored because you are bringing her down and she will move on. I’ve encountered this many times before and I have to adjust my game accordingly to keep the set running and go with the flow of her high buying temperature (BT).

Last night I went out to a bar in Lower East Side in New York to meet with some friends and do some gaming. They hadn’t arrived yet so I started doing some warming up and opened some sets. I saw this mixed 3 set at the bar with 2 girls and 1 guy. One of the girls was fully engaged with the guy and the other girl was hanging out to the side.

I complimented her on her style and she was very receptive as she gave a big smile and said thank you. I noticed she had an accent so then I transitioned into saying she is friendly and asked where she is from. I found out she was from France and she was visiting her girlfriend who she has known since middle school. It turns out the guy she was talking to was somebody she just met at the bar and I could see that they were already escalating with each other.

The music was high energy and there a few people dancing near us. When the song changed to a popular song, everybody started dancing, including her girlfriend with the new guy. I started grooving to the beat as well because I liked the song. When she saw me and her friend dancing with the guy, she really got into it. At this point, I knew it wouldn’t be beneficial to run normal game by qualifying or breaking rapport with her. I had to use some killer dance floor game.

dance floor game

She had her hands full because she was carrying her jacket and some of her friends stuff in one arm and carrying a drink in the other. I couldn’t escalate properly and spin her while she was carrying all this stuff, so I lightly grabbed her drink and starting slightly pulling it away while looking at her eyes with certainty. She was letting me take her drink out of my hand, when suddenly, her friend and the guy bumped into us accidentally while dancing and the drink split over my girl’s arm.

The guy apologized and I acknowledged and just smiled and nodded at him. My girl then remarks on how the drink split over her. I raise her arm and licked the drink off her forearm. She didn’t resist. I then started to take her drink out of her hand so I could start dancing with her, but she just moved the drink to the other hand so she had one hand free. I spun her and quickly placed her arm over me and we started grinding. She turned around and then started twerking her ass up on me and I booty slapped her.

Whenever I go into a set, I always match their energy or raise a little higher than theirs to keep them engaged and start running my game. The girl I opened originally was medium level of energy. She wasn’t dancing and bumping to the music but she was enthusiastic and having a lot of fun talking with me. As soon as she saw everybody else dancing, her BT spiked and her energy was raised a lot higher. I had to match that energy by dancing and doing some advanced escalation with her. High BT is great as it allows you to escalate much faster during that window, but you need to take advantage of it. If I did not escalate or dance with her, she would have got bored and danced with some other guy or her friends. What are some situations where you have run high BT sets?

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