Respect The Mohawk!

red_mohawkYou haven’t seen the matrix until you get a mohawk. I just got a mohawk a few weeks ago as a social experiment to see if it would help me with game. A few of my wings and mentors suggested I get one to see the difference. A couple of them have had mohawks and their game was phenomenal, and it still is. They said that once you get a mohawk, people start treating you differently and you start gaining the attributes and personality of a guy who has a mohawk (the rockstars, party animals, seducers, the guys who DGAF). Sure enough they were right…

When I got the mohawk, at first I didn’t really feel any different. Of course, you can’t really see the mohawk on you unless you look into a mirror. I felt cool and different when I looked in the mirror, but as soon as I started going about my day, I felt normal. I should also note, that I went in stages of getting a true mohawk. At first, I only had my hair colored in the shape of a mohawk and I still had the sides of my hair. My hair was a little short back then as well so it looked like fohawk in the front but the color gave it the illusion of a mohawk running down the center. I got good reactions, smiles and props from the stylists as soon as I got it. They were digging it.

Anyway, when I walked out of the salon, I started noticing a small difference. Whenever I would make eye contact with people who were walking towards me, they would look away. I guess they weren’t sure if I was some crazy or cool person, but they seemed to be a little intimidated by somebody with a mohawk. Whenever I would go into stores and need help looking for something or buying something in the counter, I would get treated with more respect. Not that I didn’t get respect before, but they seemed to go the extra mile to make sure I get a pleasant customer experience. Again, I’m not sure if it’s because they thought I was cool or they thought I may go crazy and be unpleasant if I was unsatisfied. It was pretty interesting to experience that change.

What really gave me a new perspective on things was when I started gaming. I would go open a girl, smile and maintain eye contact. They would look at me and I started to notice more interest than usual. I would open the same I usually do (medium energy during the day and slightly higher energy at night), but they would be more receptive. They would qualify themselves more than normally, even when I didn’t ask a qualifying question. I didn’t need to break rapport as much because my mohawk was a constant break in rapport! It was like having wingman with that was spiking up her BT or doing half the work. The more respect and attraction I got, the more confident I became. I started walking around with more purpose and feel even more comfortable opening or socializing with anybody. I walked around comfortably and people noticed me, which drew more attention. People saw I was comfortable with everybody’s eyes on me and that just created more attraction from the women. I even had guys approach me and give me props for my mohawk! It was an upwards spiral of awesomeness.

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