Recognizing When You Should Not Lead | Part 3

woman leading man on streetI had already isolated my girl and bounced her from the club to the bar outside. She was ready to be pulled, but she wanted to make sure to let her friend know that she was alright. I had a student waiting to jump in and wing me if needed. Things were going smoothly at this point. If you’re just getting into this story, check out the first part of this lay report to see how this night started.

The friend eventually comes and we both greet her as she sits down across from us. We talk for a bit and then my girl removes my hand from her lower back and she twists her body and sits horizontally on the couch with her legs on my lap. I jokingly asked if she wanted a knee or foot massage, and she just shook her head and just said that I could just sit there.

I just smile and I ask her friend, “Is she always like this?” Her friend nods says, “Yea, she’s like the boss at our job, whatever she says goes.” My girl mentioned a weird story about how when she is at home with her sister and brother in law are over and sitting on the couch, she does the same thing by putting her legs on her sister’s lap and her feet are brushing up against her brother-in-law and when he complains, and he just tells him to just scoot over. I was fine with her putting her legs on my lap because she was technically escalating on me and it also demonstrated to her friend that she was comfortable with me so this would help me win the friend over and feel safe leaving us alone.

My student couldn’t find us and didn’t come by. The friend starts saying that she is sleepy and that she will starting heading back to the room. She then says that she will probably go get food with one of their guy friends first. She then leaves us in isolation again.

I told my girl that I wanted to show her something and that we should go. We then get up and start walking out of the bar, and I lead her towards the self-park so I could drive her back to my place and close her. I knew she was staying in the same room as her friend and didn’t want to deal with those logistics in case her friend is in or walks in on us.

My girl eventually ends up pulling us the other way and starts leading us somewhere else. She was almost forcefully pulling me in the other direction so I didn’t want to resist if she was that determined. We get to the west end and now I assume that she’s going back to her hotel room. I just go with the flow and let her lead and see what happens.

She tells me she is cold, so I warm her up by rubbing my hands on her shoulders and arms while walking with her. This is another good reason to escalate and it also builds comfort by warming her up. We get to the elevators and start going up to her room. We get into her room where all the lights are on and there are clothes everywhere on the floor but I don’t see her friend. She then gets in sheets with her dress on and I join her. She tells me again that it’s cold so I cuddle up next to her to warm her up.

I try to kiss her on the lips, but only get the cheek the first couple times because of the awkward positioning of the sheets and her head facing the other way. She eventually turns her head once and kisses me on the lips. She turns back around so I am spooning her.

I start kissing her upper back and rubbing her arms, and slowly grabbing her breast to start the beginning stages of foreplay. I knew that she was ready to go, but didn’t want to make any sudden movements to activate any possible resistance. I then start rubbing her tummy, then her legs, then her ass. I then grab her legs and start rubbing her pussy from the outside of her panties. She’s giving me no resistance.

man and woman on bed foreplayAfter slowly rubbing her pussy so I don’t activate any LMR, I slowly start removing her panties so I could finger her and stimulate her more. Again no resistance. I start kissing her legs and ass near her pussy to turn her on. I then position her so she is laying on her back while I’m removing my clothes and the I close her.

After we finished, she starts putting on her pajamas and mentions that her friend is coming back soon. I then ask my girl if she wants me to leave and she nods and says yes. I start getting dressed and then I debrief her on when she was attracted to me. She said it was because of my cute face. I then asked her when she knew we were coming back to her hotel room. She said it was because of my voice.

There was obviously some physical attraction that helped get my foot through the door. All I had to do was not fuck up, solve logistics, befriend the friend and it was a done deal. Letting her lead and solve logistics was key in closing her. She knew what she wanted and it was easier for her (and me) to go back to her hotel room that was in the same casino at the club. Take the path of least resistance. She was also attracted to my voice and tonality which helped solidify things.

As I’m walking away from her bed, she smacks my ass, I turn around, and she looks up at the ceiling and says, “It wasn’t me.” I just smile and get all my stuff and I tell her that we should hang out the next day. I had already number closed her earlier. As I walk out of her room, she says goodbye, smiles and looks at me flirtatiously the whole time as I walk back to the elevator.

I go back to the bar and try to find out what my students are up to. They didn’t respond back to my texts so I assume they are either in set, closed or already asleep. I find out the next day that one of my students closed with a previous set earlier. The rest of the weekend was a lot of fun as we hammered out training. One of the other students closed the next week he went back to the east coast and has sent me snapchats on his closes since then. One of the girls had a boyfriend staying on a different floor as he closed her. Not bad for someone who just started cold approaching.

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