Recognizing When You Should Not Lead | Part 2

Ballroom-Dance-LeadingThe night was going perfectly in Vegas. My students were in set and I saw one of them get a make-out. I got a kiss from a hot girl in a 2 set and isolated her from her friend. Then I pulled her from out of the club with the intention of bringing her back to my place. Check out the first part of this lay report if you haven’t already to get more details before moving on.

Once we reached downstairs and left the ropes of Hakkasan, she asked me where we are going. I told her someplace fun. This is to remain vague and playful and bypass any logical resistance from explicitly saying I’m bringing her back to my place. Girls have created a habit of saying “no” to going back to your place. Most girls will know what’s up, but being playful about it and saying this will create some plausible deniability.

We walked around for a bit while I tried to lead her back to the self-parking garage but she said that she needed to let her friend know she was still alive. She ended up just sitting down on one of the gambling machines near the bar outside of the club. She sat down on a chair with no close chairs nearby her, so I tried to sit on the other half of the chair with her, but she wouldn’t move.

She said that I could sit on her lap. I didn’t want to supplicate or give in to her frame so I told her to get up so she could sit on my lap. She shook her head, said no and repeated that I should sit on her lap. We did a playful back and forth and I decided to lean up against the gambling machine while she sat down and I continued to qualify her.

She told me that her friend is texting her to make sure she is alive. I see the text thread of her friend asking where she is. I decided it would be a good idea to text one of my students to come meet us outside of Hakkasan in case her friend shows up so he can game her and wing me and possibly pull as well.

I tell my girl that we should meet her friend inside the bar outside the club because they have more comfortable chairs. She breaks rapport with me and says, “Yea, more comfortable for you… I’m already comfortable.” I tell her that she will be more comfortable and so will everybody else. Finally agrees and comes with me as I lead her by the arm.

We get into the bar and sit at one of the couches with a table. I see a sign that says 2 drink minimum, but I ignore it and I hope the servers don’t give us shit later to buy drinks. There weren’t any seats near the bar and the couch gives a more isolated and seductive vibe.

She sits down next to me and I put my arm around her lower back and I tell her, “See, I told you this would be more comfortable.” She just smiles. I get a text from my student asking where I’m at. I tell him that we’re sitting down and my girl is wearing the red dress, and I tell him that he should only come in if the other friend comes in. He agrees and is on standby. How will this story pan out? Find out in the next chapter of this post.

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