Recognizing When You Should Not Lead | Part 1

man talking with woman in loungeIt’s always fun working with students. They are enthusiastic and eager to learn. I was out gaming with a few students the other night in Vegas. We went out to one of the biggest nightclubs filled with hot women. We were opening and hooking hot sets left and right. One of the guys just turned 21 and was doing cold approaches for the first time in his life and he was doing great. It was an awesome night. Myself and another student got laid that night. Though it didn’t happen as I’d expected it.

It was nearing towards the end of the night and I was walking throughout Hakkasan nightclub with my students behind me. I opened a hot girl in the red dress from a 2 set with a complimentary opener. I complimented her dress and gave her a high five. She grasped and latched onto my hand so I knew she was really receptive and I could escalate faster than normal. I looked around and see the other guys and if they would jump in, but they were in the zone and opening other sets nearby.

I transitioned into conversation and found out she is from Miami and was with her friend next to us that she pointed to. Her friend saw us getting close and enjoying each other’s company, so she was friendly towards me and extended her hand for a handshake and asked for my name. We shook hands and exchanged names. Befriending her friends and getting their approval will help in any set.

After talking for a few seconds with them, I decided to do the selfie kiss close. While I was nearing the end of the routine for the final kiss on the lips, her friend volunteered to take a picture of us. I ignored her for a second so I could get the kiss close, which I did, and my girl gave me a really good kiss where she grabbed my face and pulled me in. Her friend then took a photo of us and handed the phone back to us and then went off and left us alone. It would have been equally as good if one of my students took her friend, but I noticed that one of them was already making out with another girl. Good stuff.

I found out her logistics after qualifying her for a bit. She was there for a work event and staying with her friend and colleague who took the picture of us. 2 friends in the same hotel room isn’t so bad, but anything like 3 or more could be an obstacle . They had a room in the same hotel as the nightclub and leaving in a couple days. She didn’t have plans afterward and I rewarded her by escalating with a side hug and framed her as being “spontaneous” and “going with the flow” to help lead the set into a same night lay. She also didn’t have much plans the next morning so she had pretty good logistics.

I wanted to see if she would not allow me to de-escalate the kiss based on her escalation before. If she didn’t allow me to de-escalate, it is a a good sign to pull. I kissed her again and she actually turned the kiss into a make-out and I backed off for a second so I wouldn’t give her validation. I started speaking closely to her face to see if she would re-engage the make-out, which she did. I felt I could pull her soon. She started making out with me more.

Now was the time to make the move. I then told her that I wanted to show her something. She asked where and pointed in the direction I was referring to, which was towards the exit. We both nodded and she said ok and grabbed my hand as I lead her to the elevators. We went to the elevators as I lead her by the hand with no resistance or questions. Find out what happens next in the next blog post.

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