Open Everybody And Be Social

approach and open everybody even in a bus stop
Approach and open everybody, even at a bus stop!

We have busy lives and focus on our tasks that we tend to forget to be social, open and talk with people. We all go through our days doing errands and dealing with people on day-to-day basis. Whether it be going to the grocery store and speaking with the cashier or to the bank and deal with the teller or anything in between, you will speak with others on a business or personal matter. Many people only speak the bare minimum to complete their business task. While this is fine, I challenge you to open and try and initiate small talk with everybody today.

Ask how their day is, comment on a situation nearby, compliment their style or attitude. Try and bring the conversation down to a more personal level. Qualify them and build a connection through commonalities. This will help ease any anxiety you may have on cold approaching strangers. While you’re at it, open anybody nearby you while you are waiting for something, say inline for coffee or the bus and you will start developing a healthy habit of being social and talkative. Who knows, one of these opens could lead into an amazing relationship or great business contact.

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