NYC Rooftop Gaming, Social Proofing, Table Hopping Fun! | Part 3

phd rooftop 2Everything was going fairly well when I bounced the hot 4 set from the bar to the rooftop club (PHD) until my target, the tall blond, was being asked to leave the club. Apparently there had been some scuffle between my target and her employees and security, which allowed me to get some isolation with her. Unfortunately I had lost some attraction because I wasn’t leading enough throughout the set and she wouldn’t let me escalate with the isolation I had, but she was still buying me drinks. She asked for help from me and the server to find my target’s employees.

We couldn’t find her employees and she said, “Well this is embarrassing.” The server then left and then I told the tall blond that we should check our guy’s (the one that helped get us into the club) table and see if the girls are there. She asked where and I pointed in the direction and started walking there. I assumed she would be right behind me but when I got to the table, she didn’t come. I could have definitely been more direct by leading her through the wrist.

I got to the table and I greeted our guy. I asked him if he saw any of the girls from earlier and he said that he thinks that he saw them walk downstairs to Electric Room, which is another lounge under the Dream Hotel. I then went back to the tall blond and told her what he told me and she didn’t believe me at first. I then told her that she should come to the table and get a drink.

She didn’t come back to the table with me and I decided to just start opening hotter sets and get a fresh start and not deal with being in recovery mode. I had a good opportunity to take advantage of the social proof and preselection if I would have stayed in set and lead it more strongly throughout the whole interaction and kept the group together until we got the table. All I had to do was qualify them more, be more fun, do some light escalation and dancing and lead more and it would have been fine. All things that I took for granted by not gaming for a week on vacation.

I opened a hot 4 set of British girls near our table by complimenting one of the girls’ dresses (she had on a tight white dress with an amazing body) and style and she was decently receptive and just smiled and said thanks. I gave her a high-five and she gave a weak attempt at it so I calibrated back and didn’t bring her in for a hug or kiss yet, but just said, “You’re really friendly! Where are you from?” She said she was Britain, and then I acted surprised and shocked and brought her in for a side hug, which she was more compliant with, and gave her a kiss on the temple and said, “Oh my God! I love girls from Britain! You guys are so warm, friendly and outgoing!”

She smiled and then asked, “Why? Are New Yorkers not friendly?” I broke rapport with a small joke about New Yorkers but it didn’t hit that great and she just smiled and laughed a little. I then asked who else she was there with and she pointed to her 3 other friends nearby. I then introduced myself to other friend (tall brunette) that was closest to me and we shook hands and exchanged names while I also complimented her to build rapport and she was receptive.

I also asked her if she was English and she confirmed. I then spent a few minutes talking with her and with the original girl. I asked some logistical questions and found out that they were leaving tomorrow night and were staying at some hotel in SoHo. I had the tall brunette introduce me to the two other cute friends (short brunette and redhead) and the redhead was more receptive than the other. I tried to engage the whole group a couple times, but the other 2 girls at the end couldn’t hear me too well because of the loud music and they were spread out. Although, I saw one of them lean in a couple times to try and hear me.

After a few minutes, I told the tall brunette that I wanted to introduce her to some of my friends. She seemed surprised at first and said, “Oh, you have friends here?” Looking back now, I should have introduced them sooner so I didn’t give off that vibe I might be alone. I confirmed and she asked where and I said the table right next to us, and pointed to it. I should have spoken to all the girls and said I would introduce them because only the girl that I spoke to followed me to the table.

Once we got to the table I introduced her to the guy that got me in the club and told him to meet my new friend from Britain. They shook hands and exchanged names, I then asked him if I could bring the rest of her friends to the table. He asked who were her friends, and I pointed to the 3 hot friends nearby, and he said, “Oh yeah! Bring em over.” Then the tall brunette went back to her friends and I assumed she was going to try and bring her friends back to our table but they never came. I talked to the guy for a few minutes to build rapport with him before I tried going back to the girls and asked if they wanted a drink, but by then it was too late and they declined.

There were a couple things I could have done better. I should have introduced them to the table sooner during a high BT spike to keep the momentum going especially when I have a table right next to them with drinks and other people for them to talk to and I could introduce to. I also could have included the whole group when I said would introduce them to my friends at the table and lead them all at the same time or gone back with the tall brunette to her friends and bring them back then. These were all things I already knew, but it was necessary review for me to keep gaming that night.

I opened this cute Russian set later when I more pre-opens around the club as it started to fill up. I complimented her and she was fairly receptive. She told me she was with friends at the table and I asked her what the occasion was and she couldn’t give me an answer and I could tell that she didn’t really come with all those people. A black guy from the table eventually asked her if she wanted more to drink in her glass as he held up the bottle. She shook her head and declined.

I asked what she was doing after PHD and she said that she might go to Electric Room soon. She then wanted to take a smoke break and asked if I smoked. I said I didn’t but I would join her outside. We walked outside and went to the end corner of the balcony. She started taking out her cigarette and 2 guys came by and asked her if they could borrow a smoke. She gave them one and I tried to be friendly and asked them were they were from and they said they were from France.

I was escalating behind her slightly by having my hand on her lower back and sometimes grazing her ass and grabbing it at times. I qualified her a few times and found out that she lives in Brooklyn and drove with her black friend who was the promoter at the table. I went in for the kiss with her but only got the cheek. After a couple minutes, she said that she couldn’t ignore her friend and had to go back to the table. I told her I understood and we walked back inside.

After talking and dancing for a bit near her table, we decided to go check out Electric Room. We started going downstairs to the lounge. She had already gotten stamped so she went through the back entrance and she told me that I had to go through the front. She told me to tell the people on the rope that I was part of this list, but if I couldn’t get in then there was nothing she could do.

Electric Room is a pretty chill lounge and has a sort of an afterparty vibe to. I’ve only been to it on a Thursday so I was curious how Electric Room was like on Mondays. I arrived to the front of Electric Room and tried to mention the guest list that I was on but the woman at the ropes didn’t recognize them. She asked for the last name of the list and I told her I didn’t know. She said there is a list with that name but that the list was already full or used up or something. I just smiled and nodded and said, “OK.” and walked off and she said, “Sorry about that.” I walked back to up to PHD.

After trying to go into Electric Room, I started doing some more opens in PHD. I saw a cute girl that was leaning up against a pillar and on her phone. I complimented her and she was really receptive and before I could transition into a hug and kiss on forehead, she quickly asked me what my name was and I shook her hand and we exchanged names.

I then brought her in for a hug and kiss on the forehead and told her that she was adorable. I asked where she was from and she said she was from New York. I then asked who else she was there with and she pointed to some guy dancing nearby her. I got his attention and introduced myself to him. We shook hands and exchanged names and he was pretty friendly.

fifa 2016I noticed she was carrying 4 copies of an Xbox One game of FIFA 2016 and I asked where that was from. She told me that she just came from a FIFA launch party and she got those games. The game doesn’t even even come out for another month. She says that she doesn’t even have the game console and she plans on giving it away to her friends.

After we talked for a few seconds more, I could tell that the girl really liked me and she suggested that we all do shots together and I nodded and her guy friend agreed too. I then walked with her to the bar. I assumed she was offering on buying the shots because she showed a lot of interest and suggested the idea.

We get to the bar and I don’t try to get the bartender’s attention and wait for her to do it so she would pay for the drinks. I continued to qualify her to get her distracted about getting drinks or leave silence for her to say that I should get drinks.

I was escalating kind of close next to her by having my hands on her sides and then she looked at her guy friend who was alone next to us and she told me that we should find a girl for him. She said that I need to be a good wingman LOL. I thought this would pretty easy as I would just approach a girl, do a quick BT spike and then do an accomplishment intro or something. I then asked her what type of girl he likes. She then went up to her friend and asked him. He then pointed to some hot blonde that was dancing in the middle of a crowded table in front of us LOL.

I kinda laughed for a second because he picked a set that required a little more work than I expected. We all talked for a few seconds and I thought it would be a good idea to explain to my girl that we should talk to her friends on the outside of the table and then get introduced to her. Then my girl said, “OK, I”ll talk to the girls and you get the drinks.” LOL.

I stood by the bar next to her guy friend and had no intention on buying a drink at all. She came back after a few seconds and I’m not sure if she attempted to go in or not. Then her guy friend was looking at a dancing 2 set in front of us and my girl told him to approach them. I noticed that the 2 set actually had 1 girl that I pre-opened earlier so I knew I had a good chance of re-opening them and it going well.

The guy was about to approach and then hesitated, but then I came in and opened the girl I opened earlier. I gave her a surprised look like I haven’t seen her in a while and tried to go in for a hug, but she didn’t really give that much compliance at first, so I calibrated and retracted back for a bit and just gave her a double high-five because her hands were up in the air.

I said, “Hey! How’ve you been?” and she just smiled and spoke with her friend and said, “He told me earlier that he liked my hair.” I then spoke with both of them and brought my arms around them and I asked the original girl I opened if that was her friend, and she confirmed. I also complimented her style to build rapport with her and she was receptive and said thanks. She asked me where I was from and I told her NJ, but I was visiting from Vegas. I then told her that I wanted her to meet my friend, and I introduced her to my girl’s guy friend.

My girl also said hello and the new girl was pretty friendly and receptive with the new guy. I then went back to my girl and she said, “Nice work.” but after a few seconds, he stopped talking to the girls and the girls danced amongst themselves again. I knew I had to re-engage them so I had to do a real accomplishment intro this time.

I asked my girl what her friend did for living. She told me sales. I then went back to the 2 set and told the girl, “Hey, be nice to my friend. He’s kinda shy, but he is like the #1 salesman in his company and really successful.” She then asked me what kind of sales. I didn’t know what kind of sales so decided to make up something and said, “Real Estate.” and hope that would be enough to reignite it again and maybe he would be smart enough to just go along with the flow if she asked him. Thankfully, it was enough to restart it and she started dancing with him.

I then went back to my girl and she instantly gave me a kiss on the lips and said, “Good job…” She then bought us some drinks. I knew that I needed to lead more in the interaction so then I told her that I wanted to introduce her to some friends of mine at my table. I lead her to the table, but I didn’t see anybody I recognized at first, so we chilled there for a few seconds and then I told her that we should go dance and I lead her to the dance floor. We go to the dance floor and we started grinding with each other.

While we were dancing I found out she recently broke up 2 weeks ago from a relationship that lasted for round 3 years. After we danced for a bit and she made out with me a couple times and we joked about going back to her place but she said that I had to get her breakfast in the morning. We danced for a bit more and she asked if I was going to get her breakfast. I asked if she wanted me to get her a bagel with everything on it and cream cheese, and she laughed and said that was fine. She then asked me if we should get out of the club, and I agreed. She said that she had to say goodbye to her friend first.

We find her guy friend and he is out dancing by the bar, but without the girls I introduced him too, but he seemed to be a better mood this time. He then somehow got the attention of the hot girl he originally wanted to approach in the table in front of us and started talking with her. After my girl felt comfortable leaving her friend alone with the girl she said goodbye to him and I also shook his hand goodbye and we left.

We then head downstairs and left Dream and she paid for the cab back to her place. She joked and asked if the slutty girls back in Vegas usually pay for cabs LOL. I was honest with her and said that I usually drove because I had a car in Vegas. We went inside her apartment and she got some water for us and she went into her room and took off her shoes.

I followed her into her room and she said that they were going to watch a movie. We got into bed together and she said, “No promises.” She put on Blades of Glory and I cuddled next to her on the bed. She wondered why I liked to cuddle. I then started rubbing her pussy outside of her panties slowly and massaging her breasts. I slowly pushed aside her panties and started fingering her. She also removed my belt and grabbed my crotch and eventually my dick. I then removed her panties and started eating her out. She was really getting into it and said I was really good at it. I then got up, put on a condom and closed.

Blades of Glory
It was glorious.

After we finished, we continued watching Blades of Glory as I cuddled next to her. She asked if I wanted to leave. I checked the train schedule and told her that I would take the train back to NJ in the morning and she agreed, but told me that she had to wake up early at 7am. I agreed as that was around the same time that I would have to go back to NJ and give back my mom’s car so she could go to work.

We then turned off the movie and went to sleep and she woke me up in the morning. We exchanged numbers and I headed back to NJ, but not before I got an everything bagel with cream cheese and coffee next door for myself and ride back home. I should have remembered and tried to get an extra copy of FIFA 2016 before I left to see if I could sell it online for a premium since the game doesn’t come out for another month.

This night was fairly successful as I accomplished my primary goal of getting into the exclusive rooftop club without a prior connection. Bouncing the hot 4 set and finding a guy that had a table outside Dream and walk us in helped. I also made a new connection to get into future events in the city. Being a good impromptu wing for her guy friend so I could get isolation solidified things as she kissed me afterward and felt comfortable leaving her friend behind. It took some warming up throughout the night to remember that I had to start leading more to help me close the deal.

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