NYC Rooftop Gaming, Social Proofing, Table Hopping Fun! | Part 2

Last Monday I went out to NYC for the first time after coming back from Vegas and pulled that night for a same night lay. My primary mission was to get into PHD Rooftop Lounge, which is a very exclusive club and well to known to be hard to get into. I didn’t have my connection from last time so I had to find a group of hot girls and bring them into the club to increase my chances of getting in. Even though I was a little rusty and hadn’t been gaming much for a week since I was visiting family, I still found and hooked a hot 4 set at a nearby bar in the first part of this lay report and bounced them to PHD at the Dream Hotel.

Dream downtown nyc

Once we arrived in front the Dream, the tall blond in the 4 set went up to 2 guys who were leaning up against the building of Dream and asked them if this was where PHD was. They nodded and said yes, and then she asked if they could get us in.

At first, I was a little annoyed that she was asking these random guys because I was originally supposed to lead the set. I wasn’t certain enough earlier when she asked me if I could get them in because my usual connection wasn’t in town that night.

She wanted to guarantee us entry so she was looking to see if these guy had good connections. I was worried at first that the guys would then start leading my set, but then I realized that if they could get us in it would be worth it if they would lead, at least in the beginning.

Plus the guys didn’t know my relationship with any of the girls. For all they know I could either be a friend or a boyfriend of one of them so they would most likely be cautious. They didn’t know I just met these girls 10 minutes ago, so I held off for a bit to see if they would be able to get us in.

The guys looked at the girls and then back at me. They were deciding what to do and then  one of the guys told the other guy that he could walk up with them and then come back down, and he agreed. He then started leading us to the front of PHD through the swivel doors of Dream while leading the tall blond arm-in-arm. I didn’t mind him leading for now if he could get all of us in. There were still 3 other girls to game and I could still game plenty of other hot girls once I’m inside PHD, which was my main mission.

I tried to get close enough to hear what the guy said to the guys at the rope so I might be able to use the same information to get in another time, but couldn’t hear what was said. The guys at the rope then nodded and asked for our IDs. Once I knew this guy was the real deal and a good connection, I introduced myself to him and said thanks, as we shook hands and exchanged names.

I’m not sure if my lack of certainty earlier helped in this situation because it allowed the tall blond to look for other solutions to get us in. It is still better to be more certain in most situations and who knows if we would have been able to get in without him.

Anyway, I was glad we were able to get in and we presented our IDs and got an ultraviolet stamp on our wrists. The girls and I walked through the ropes first. As we were walking towards the elevators, the tall blond said to me, “Let’s wait for Romeo first.” as she looked back at the guy who got us in LOL. This obviously gave a lot of value so he was getting attraction from her but I didn’t mind because he helped me out as well.

He finally caught up to us and she was walking with him, arm-in-arm, out in front of us. Again, I didn’t mind if he would lead because if he had connections, I could sacrifice my original target if I could access to a lot more hot girls later. That is the key to social proof and social circle game.

We passed through the guy who was checking the stamps and directed us through this dark wooden hallway that lead up to the express elevators to PHD rooftop. We then walked inside the elevator and it was the 6 of us plus one other cute blond girl that was by herself. The tall blond looked herself in the mirror and while the rest of us were talking among ourselves.  I noticed the other cute blond look at me as we were going up as she was not part of any conversation so I decided to pre-open her by smiling and saying, “Hi.” She said, “Hi.” and we shook hands and exchanged names and said nice to meet you.

We then walked inside the club and towards the bar. It was nice walking in with a group of hot girls to have some preselection and social proof thought the club before even opening other sets. The tall blond, the guy and I made our way to the bar and the tall blond said thank you to the guy that got us in and wanted to buy him a drink. She also asked me what I wanted and I told her Jack and Coke.

While she was ordering the drinks, I started talking to the guy and asked him a couple questions to build rapport with him. He tells me he is from New York and I ask him who else is he was there with at the club and he tells me that does events and has a table for his event there, as he points to the table. He said that nobody is there but should start filling up later and that we could join. I said, “Cool” and then the tall blond passes our drinks and we do a toast.

The tall blond started dancing a bit and then said she wanted to dance but there was nobody there and that we should go to Electric Room downstairs because more people are dancing there. It was still early (11pm) and me and the guy told her that it was early and it would start filling up later. She then said that we should sit down, and started walking towards one of the empty couches. I should have lead the set more here as well.

We got to the couch but there was only room for 3 or 4 people and there were 6 of us. Our guy smiled and said, “I guess we’ll let the ladies sit.”, but only 3 of the girls sat, while the tall blond went off to one of empty spaces between the couches and next to a table with full of business men and a couple girls, and started dancing there.

Then 2 of the girls got up from the couch and started dancing near the tall blond and then they started dancing near the other table with the business men, but most of the business men were just sitting down and cheering them on. They could have very easily come in the set while the girl’s BT were high and just start dancing with them.

I then talked with our guy and the other girl in the group near our couch to build more rapport with them. After talking with them for a bit and exchanging contact info. The other girl then went back to the girls that were dancing. I started doing pre-opens throughout the club to build more social proof and find sets to merge later. I complimented this girl’s hair from another set that was waiting for her friend by the balcony and she was really receptive (we’ll come back to this later).

I made my way back to our couch area and saw that the tall blond was now talking to a new group of girls. I opened the new merged set by complimenting the another girl’s hair. She was a little receptive at first and simply said thanks, but the tall blond pretty much ignored me and continued talking to her. It seemed that I had lost attraction with her by not leading the set enough. Lesson re-learned from not gaming for a week.

Then the girl looked at me again and gave me a stronger, “Thank you! I really appreciate that!” while ignoring the tall blond. The tall blond sounded upset and said, “Anyway…” and started talking to the other girls in the new set. I then said, “You’re welcome! I don’t think compliments are given out enough. We should give out compliments more often to each other.” She agreed as we gave each other a side hug.

She then asked if I knew the tall blond girl and nodded my head and the girl said, “So you’re with her crew?” I confirmed I was. I could tell that she might have felt a little uncomfortable being with the tall blond because she was a lot taller than these new girls and also had very high energy which could be a little intimidating for them. Even the new girl said something like, “Yea, she’s a little extravagant.”

I then asked who else she was there with and she introduced me to her other girl friend that was kinda short and energetic while dancing. I shook her hand and we exchanged names. She also said that she was a little intimidated by the tall blond girl as well because of her size.

We all spoke for a couple minutes while the tall blond went back to her employees near the table with the business men. Then one of the girls in the new set noticed some scuffle with the 4 set near the business man table and said that she thinks my friend is being kicked out. I saw that there was one of the security guards that was talking between the girls in 4 set of employees.

cat fight meme

I then see the tall blond walk towards me and looked a little upset and we asked if she was getting kicked out. She said that the security guard was asking her to leave. She didn’t really give a clear explanation of what happened but she made it sound like it wasn’t her fault. She then said that she needed to go outside for a second and get a smoke and she asked me if I wanted to join her. I don’t smoke, but I said sure just to get some isolation and find out about the situation and I wasn’t planning to smoke.

We went outside and she sat down at one of the couches first as I waited for her to cross-over her legs in one direction so I would sit in that direction. I do this so she would subconsciously communicate interest towards me with her body language without her even knowing. Usually a girl would do this before I sit down but she maintained a neutral position.

Instead of hovering for a few seconds, I sat down to her left, but as soon as I did, she crossed her legs to her right. This wasn’t too surprising considering how she ignored me in the merged set earlier. I also tried to do some light escalation by touching her arm or lower back but she scooted a little further away. That was a mistake and I should have not even bothered escalating until I got some more investment. Again, another lesson re-learned. She asked if I wanted a smoke and I said I didn’t smoke.

We talked for a bit and I asked her what had happened. She was really vague and didn’t explain what had happened but basically said that one of the “prostitutes” at the business table complained about her and was trying to get her kicked out and somehow convinced the security guard that everyone at the table was complaining about her, including her employees, which the tall blond said wasn’t true.

She asked me for a weird request. She asked if I could get her employees and bring them outside so she could talk to them without her getting seen by security. I then asked why doesn’t she just text her employees to come outside. She said that they won’t check their phones. She then changed her mind and said that she won’t ask me for that request.

Then one of the servers came and asked if we wanted any drinks. The tall blond asked me what I wanted, implying that she was offering to buy me a drink. I told her I would have a Jack and Coke. She then told the server her drink and I told her mine as the tall blond gave her credit card to the server. It was interesting she was investing towards me by buying me drinks but she wouldn’t let me escalate.

The tall blond then wanted to go look for her employees so we went back inside. The club was starting to fill up, but we couldn’t see her employees nearby the business table. She was getting a little distressed and was wondering where her employees went. Then the server came back to use with our drinks, but the tall blond spoke with the server privately for a few seconds. Then for some reason she had the server walk with us as we were looking for her employees. She already paid and signed for the drinks. I guess she wanted the server to act as insurance against security if they tried to ask her to leave again? Find out if we find her friends and how this set pans out in the next part of this lay report.

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