NYC Rooftop Gaming, Social Proofing, Table Hopping Fun! | Part 1

NYC PHD Rooftop Lounge GamingIt’s been too long since I’ve gamed in NYC. It was fun gaming in Vegas, but nothing compares to picking up chicks in the urban jungle of the big apple. I got laid last Monday at one of the most exclusive clubs in New York City without any prior connection or hookups. Just by using game and my environment, I was able to get in without having to pay thousands of dollars for bottle service.

My night was a little bumpy at first as I was a little rusty for not actively gaming for a a little over a week because I was catching up with friends and family here. As I was getting warmed up throughout the night, things started picking up when I remembered the key fundamental game concepts.

There’s a sense of rawness and realness in this city from the independent women who are hustling hard and can smell bullshit a mile away. This city can either eat you alive or help improve your game quick if you are willing to adapt.

I put off going into NYC for a bit because it was a very long commute (about 90 minutes) from where I was staying in NJ. But I made it a point to go out last Monday night in the city and make it a mission to get into the most exclusive club in the city that night. I even wrote bulleted goals and tasks on Sunday night for the rest of the week and one of them was going to this prestigious club Monday night.

PHD Rooftop Lounge at the Dream Downtown in NYC is notorious for being difficult to get into on Mondays with their very strict entry policies and doormen with high discretion. You have to dress well, bring a group of hot girls who are dressed well and trendy AND know somebody to get you in if you don’t want to shell out some Benjamins to get a table.

I’ve been able to get into PHD on Mondays before a couple times, but only with my mentor, Luke Krogh, as he has connections and we were with hot girls and high net worth clients who knew people as well. I haven’t been able to social proof NYC as well as I have done in Vegas yet so I would have to start from scratch.

My plan was to find a group of hot girls outside of the Dream Hotel and bring them to PHD. I also did some research on who was playing at PHD that night and would mention to the DJ’s name to see if that would help (that had work at other high-end clubs I’ve been to like Le Bain). If I tried everything and couldn’t get in, I would be fine with just gaming at several of the other bars and clubs in the same area in Meatpacking District, like Gaslight, Brass Monkey, Gansevoort or Le Bain at The Standard.

This lay report is fairly long, but it goes over a lot of key game fundamentals that were review for me as I was warming up and I applied as I gamed throughout the night. I remember the key was to make a firm decision that I was going to get into PHD that night, which helped ground myself and give me certainty for the night.

I had a strong purpose, which is an attractive quality for women and it also helps me find solutions towards my goals. There are a few other things like approaching as much as possible, merging sets, winging, befriending the friends, occupying the obstacles, dance floor game, social proofing and table game that I was applying throughout the night.

I wanted to get to PHD early before 11pm, which is the time the club opens so it would be easier to get in. I drove my car and parked in Hoboken, NJ so I could take the PATH train in, which is just one stop over to get into the city in Meatpacking District on Christopher St. I made it my goal to approach every set I see on the way over to the Dream. Not only would this be good for warming up, but once I got one set hooked and ready for PHD, I could approach more sets and hook them easily and lead them to club and it would just snowball from there due to preselection.

nyc meatpacking district nightI got to Meatpacking District around 10:30pm and started walking towards Dream. There weren’t too many sets walking on the streets that Monday.  This didn’t surprise me because it was a weekday and I still wasn’t near the bars or clubs yet. I saw a 2 set about a block away and it looked like a mixed set where the one girl was pretty tall looked hot from behind. She was waring a tight black dress, had curly blond hair. Once I got closer, it became clear that they were both women by their walk but one of them was more of a tomboy and wearing mostly denim with a vest and wearing a baseball cap.

I opened them as my first set by complimenting the hot girl’s hair style. At first they weren’t sure who I was talking about and then I just said that I liked both of their styles. They both were really receptive by laughing and saying thanks. I asked how they knew each other and they said that they had been dating for a few years, which seemed obvious, but I wanted to make sure.

After talking for a bit more, I asked them where they were going and they said they were going to Cielo, which is another club in the area. The tomboy said that one of her old friends was playing as a DJ there for dubstep. I decided to check out Cielo and see if I could possibly get in. It was still early and maybe I could get stamped and leave early to see about getting into PHD. If I couldn’t get into PHD then at least I could go back into Cielo.

I told them that I was planing on going to PHD, but dubstep sounded like fun and I thought I would check it out. I wanted to be congruent and seed the possibility of them wanting to go to PHD. They were compliant enough as I walked with them towards Cielo and while I was still qualifying them, breaking rapport and and we were laughing and joking with each other on the way there.

We arrived in front of Cielo and the tomboy greeted the very flamboyant doorman with the fur coat, top-hat and platform shoes. The doorman asked if they had tickets and the tomboy said she was on the list and told the name. He looked through his clipboard and then gave them their tickets. I was standing next to him so I was planning on being associated with them and having the doorman just assuming I was with them.

However, he did ask me if I was on the list and just gave him a blank stare and just kinda gestured with my hand towards the tomboy to indicate that I was with them. He then gave me a ticket and said to show that upfront. We got our tickets and arrived at the register. The girls gave their tickets first and they walked in without paying.

But when I gave my ticket, the woman at the register said it would be $20. I asked what the ticket meant and she gave some explanation that if I had got a ticket online that I would have to show it, otherwise it would be $20 at the door. I just smiled, nodded and said, “OK Thanks” and walked out of Cielo. It was worth a shot to see if I could walk in with them, but it was still early and I had PHD to go to.

gaslight nycAs I was walking towards Dream, I really had to use the bathroom first. I didn’t want to rush and use the bathroom at Dream without having any girls with me so I stopped by Gaslight, which is a bar in the same area. I walked into Gaslight and it wasn’t busy but there were a few decent sets in the bar. I saw a really hot tall blond girl (taller than me by a few inches and I’m 6′) that was dancing and seemed to be part of a 4 set, but I had to use the bathroom first.

After I took a piss, I opened the really tall girl of the 4 set that was by the bar after she stopped dancing and started talking to her friends. I got her attention by lightly tapping her forearm to turn her around. She didn’t turn around at first, so I continued to apply a little more pressure before she did. This sets a much better frame than tapping on the shoulder as the forearm is something that friends do to each other and creates more familiarity than tapping on the shoulder which is what strangers do.

When she turned around, I gave a big smile and complimented her hair, which was very curly and blond as well. She was really receptive and flicked her hair and I gave her a high five and brought her in for a hug and kissed her on the forehead to do some rapid escalation and test for compliance, which she gave a lot of. She then gave me heavy eye contact and asked me where I was from. I told her that I’m from NJ, but I’m visiting from Las Vegas.

I then asked who else she was there with, and she pointed to the other girls and said they were her employees, as she introduced me to one of them. I shook her hand and also complimented her style as well as the others, to build rapport, while also being playful and breaking a little rapport on them by doing a slightly flamboyant finger snap and saying, “You guys got it going on!”, which made them all laugh.

Then coincidently, the tall girl asked me if I knew where PHD was. I told her that I was actually on my way over there. She looked at me delighted and said, “What a coincidence!” She told her employees that I was going to PHD as well and that we can go together. I asked when she was planning on going and she said that they can go now. She went in slowly for a sensual hug and said, “Very nice to meet you…” and we kissed but only on the corner of the lips.

She then asked me if I could get them in. PHD is known to be difficult to get in, especially on Mondays so I didn’t give a sure answer right away because I honestly didn’t know if I could get them in. This would be the first time I would get into PHD without Luke as a connection. I was just going to wing it and see if bringing in 4 girls and mentioning the DJ’s name that was playing that night would be enough to be able to get me in. Plus, I still had some doubts when I tried to get into Cielo earlier with the 2 lesbians who were on the guest list but I still had trouble getting in without paying.

After a couple seconds of hesitating to respond, I finally said, “Yes.” She then asked, “Or are we going to help get you in, or you’re going to help get us in?” I told her, “We’ll figure it out when we get there.” That was actually a really terrible answer because it lacked conviction and I should have been more certain with her first question by answering sooner, although it may have worked in the end anyway, which you will soon find out why.

She then asked, “Are you sure? Do you have a lot of pull?” By pull, I assumed she meant connections. I told her that I have gotten in on Mondays before and she asked again, “So do you have some pull or a lot of pull?” Again I hesitated in my response, which didn’t really help in building attraction. She then said, “OK, we’ll help get you in.” She then told her employees that they were about to go to PHD.

We then started walking out of Gaslight, but I made the mistake letting 3 of the girls walk in front of me and not having myself lead in front. Once we got outside, I started walking alongside the blond in front and she said, “Lead the way.” We then walked across the street and were about to make a left to go towards Dream, but then the tall blond said, “Wait, isn’t it this way?” indicating that we should keep going straight.

I told her about it’s about a block this way towards Dream Hotel. She kept insisting it was further straight, and I asked her if I was leading or she was. She said I was, but continued to be persistent with her opinion, but then some of her employees said that I was right and that it was at Dream. She kept insisting that it wasn’t at Dream and it was further up, but she was still following me. I then broke rapport with her and said, “You’re making this a nightmare!”, which is ironic given we were going to Dream and that made her employees laughed.

Finally, she conceded to us and continued to walk with us in the right direction. I spoke with a couple of the girls while on the way there and qualified them by asking what they did. They said they worked in real estate, and I asked if they liked what they did. They gave a long explained answer on why they did, which is always good sign of investment.

While I was talking with one of the girls, 3 of the others girls were lagging behind us and we waited for them at the end of the block right before Dream Hotel. The tall blond caught up to me and said, “Where is Dream Hotel?” I told her it’s right across the street. She then broke rapport with me and said, “You said it was only one block away. I’m not sure if I want to believe you anymore.” I did say it was about 1 block away, but it was more like 2 blocks away.

I broke rapport back with her and I eventually started leading her arm-in-arm, but then a cab got between us and I started walking in the left and she started walking to the right so she broke off from my arm and walked ahead of me. I then caught up with her again and walked to the side of her to see if she would grab my arm again but she didn’t. I could have done a better job leading but at least I had 4 hot girls with me ready to go to PHD. We finally made it front of the Dream and she asked if this was it, and I confirmed it was. Find out how we get into PHD in the next part of this lay report

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