Men And Women Need Each Other

guy protecting girl jacketThis post is just a short rant on why men and women need each other. For all the guys and girls that say they don’t need anyone are only kidding themselves. Yes, we all have intrinsic values and capable of holding our own for the most part, but having someone else with us completes both sexes and gives us more to life than being alone. Why is this the case? Maybe it’s designed by nature so we must find a partner and pair bond in order to have more fulfilling lives and make things easier for us.

Both men and women can go about their day and lives by themselves and still survive, but having a partner by their side can help them thrive. When a man walks by himself through the street, the club or wherever he goes, others around him will not be sure if he is a normal or cool guy or someone of high value. Yes, there are ways to project that of course, by having high status body language to display the right vibe, but there is an even easier way to do this…

He can have another woman by his side to display those positive qualities instantly. This is the power of preselection and social proof. People will assume that he must be a normal guy if he has women around him. If he was some weirdo or craigslist killer, girls will not want to hang around him if he gives off that creeper vibe. Others, especially women, will be more receptive and friendly towards that guy if he has a woman or women near him.

Here is another example of how preselection can alter perception. Imagine a guy with sunglasses, civilian clothing and holding a rifle by himself in the woods. Would you feel comfortable approaching him? Now imagine the same guy with a hot model standing next to him. Which one would you feel more safe around?  Never underestimate the power of preselection and social proof.

And what about women? Why do women need men? Number 1:  Protection. A man will be able to provide protection and security for the girl, not only if something dangerous happens, but also as a deterrent from possible dangers. A women walking down the street at night, by herself, is a much more desirable target for robbers, murderers or rapists. Having another man her side will make those lowly guys think twice before they try to harm her. I’m not saying that women are incapable of protecting themselves but why risk it?

Having a man by her side can also deter all the creepers that try to hit on her. Women get hit on a lot during the day and most guys are uncalibrated when they do it. This is why women have developed such quick, and sometimes harsh, automatic rejections to guys who don’t approach them the right way. Most guys will assume that the man beside the girl is her boyfriend and don’t want to deal with that situation. This is also why women travel in packs and groups so they can protect each other from all the uncalibrated guys.

There is also the obvious, shared and mutual benefit from having a companion or friendship with the opposite sex. The feeling of being connected with someone through a relationship provides the emotional comfort for both men and women. Out of all the reasons on why men and women need each other, this is the one that really resonates with everyone and has the most emotional impact.

This post is not meant to make anyone feel bad if they don’t have someone, but to show that you shouldn’t be in denial and falsely convince yourself that you don’t need anyone. You deserve the best in life, so don’t sell yourself short and deny yourself fulfillment. Put yourself in social situations and develop the skills to make lasting and meaningful connections with men and women. We are all worthy of having someone in our lives.


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