Make Friends With Her Friends

Have you ever had a great interaction with a girl, where everything was going smoothly and you were attracted to each other, then her friends pulled her away? It has happened to most of us. Many times guys forget that she may be with a group of friends or get so caught up in the interaction that they fail to introduce themselves or get to know her group.20140301-172234.jpg

They don’t know who you are and so it makes it difficult for them to trust you to be alone with her. Your goal with your girl is to isolate and escalate as soon as possible. I ran into this situation last night while gaming in this nightclub in Vegas.

I opened this cute Asian girl by complimenting her hair. She was receptive when I escalated by bringing her close to me so I can speak to her cheek to cheek. She then began to slightly escalate back by hugging me, and then her two friends came by. The girls pointed towards the end of club to suggest meeting up with their friends. I smiled during their conversation to be pleasant and non-threatening.

They began walking in that direction and my girl took my hand and leaded me with then. We ended up on the bar on the other side of the club. I suggested getting a drink at the bar to begin part of the isolation. Then 3 guys came that seemed to be part of the group so I smiled and extended to my hand to introduce myself. The guys seemed friendly and one of them even offered me and my girl a drink. I eventually was able to introduce myself to the girls as well and pull my girl away to the dance floor in a non threatening way.

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