Limiting Likes On Tinder Is NOT A Bad Idea

Tinder PlusTinder has made online dating fun by turning it into sort of a video game. However, just like in video games, they can be exploited and require updates or “patches to make it fair. This has happened with Tinder with the recent update earlier this year that has limited the amount of “likes” or right swipes you get.

You can’t mindlessly right swipe away countless stacks of profiles in your area until you run out so you can save time by seeing who likes you and then filtering out your matches after the fact. This was the original optimal strategy that I’ve used from Conquer Tinder. The advice, tips and tricks still work from the book as I’ve even gotten threesomes from it, but now you have to discriminate with your likes because now you are only given 100 swipes for your “like meter”, which is represented by the color level inside the heart shaped like button.. Once you run out, you have to wait 12 hours for your like meter to replenish. Why is this a good idea?

1. More Value Per Swipe and Match

Limiting the amount of swipes is good for several reasons. There is an article I’ve read that has brought to my attention on how Tinder’s right swipe limit is working. It gives more value to the person you’ve swiped right and matched this time around. This goes true for both men and women. The women you’ve matched with will have invested more this time because they used up a limited resource, “likes”, to get matched with you. According to the article, 10 days after the launch of this version of Tinder, there was a 25% increase in the amount of matches per swipe and 25% increase in the amount of messages per match.

2. Less Spam Bots

Spam bots have also decreased 50% since launch, which saves everybody time and resources. You don’t have to waste time doing detective work to see if the profile is a bot and you are less likely to swipe right on a bot since there are fewer of them. The decrease in the amount of bots may be due to the fact that right swipes are limited and once they run out, they have to wait 12 hours to be able to like more, but they should be reported for spam by other uses before that time so the majority of users don’t have to deal with them. The bots may see the ROI (return on investment) is low with this strategy and may not bother using bots as much.

3. Better Time Spent and Higher ROI

This is not mentioned in the article, but I think it was worth mentioning that you will be saving time for more productive things during the day by not spending all day swiping. You will get a higher ROI on your swipes and matches. I took a break from Tinder for the past few months to focus more on work and normal game. I was getting tired of spending a bunch of time online for dating. Sure, I was getting numbers, dates and lays from Tinder, but I wasn’t making my cold approach or social circle game any tighter.

Snapchat this girl sent of us the other night from OMNIA
Snapchat this girl sent of us during cold approaching at OMNIA. Good times. Why waste time swiping and waiting for a response when there are more hot girls to approach and game in real-time at the clubs?

Before my break, I had the previous version of Tinder where I didn’t have a limit on the amount of right swipes I could give so I would swipe away until I ran out of stacks of profiles. I’ve always lived in high populous areas with many tourists coming and going, like NYC or Las Vegas, so I would always have more stacks to swipe on and would spend more time swiping.

I decided to get back on Tinder a few days ago to try out the new version of the app. First day of using it, I used the old strategy of just swiping right on everything without even looking at the pictures and quickly ran out of likes within a couple minutes. I was able to get a few matches, but about half of them were girls I weren’t attracted to. Not bad for only spending about 2 minutes, but not a great ROI.

Once I had more likes available the next day, I was more discriminatory this time around. I quickly made a judgement on the first profile picture I saw and swiped right if I was attracted. I didn’t wast time on profiles that required detective work like profile pictures with weird angles used by fat girls, or group photos that had at least 1 girl that wasn’t attractive, or photos that didn’t show any girl or something obscure of them trying to be “cool” or creative. If there was a group photo where all the girls are attractive, I’ll assume she is one of them, which is fine with me.

With this selection process, I probably spent about 5 minutes and the ran out of likes. I got a lot more matches this time around with girls that I’m attracted to. This is also probably due to my profile being available to view for others within the past day and then having the girls that swiped right on me to be on the top of my stack to review.

As soon as I ran out of likes, I decided to put down my phone to get some work done. Not even a minute after putting the phone down, I’m already receiving message notifications without me sending the first message, which is something that doesn’t usually happen for me. Seems like the girls are already investing more.

4. Option To Have An “Unfair” Advantage

There is a paid version of the app called Tinder Plus that allows you to have an unlimited amount of swipes, redo accidental left swipes and be able to change locations (Passport) so you can swipe anywhere in the world. There are obvious advantages to this.

You can have a lot more potential matches using this for a price. It is $9.99 per month if you are under 28 years old. If you are 28 years or older, it is $19.99 for you. Since your Tinder account is linked to your Facebook where your age is determined, I’m not sure how easily you can just change your age to be younger or if Tinder will track that so you can avoid paying the higher fee.


Personally, I’m fine with the unpaid version as I wouldn’t want to spend more time or money on this. If I was traveling quite a bit and wanted to have some fun people to hang out with when I arrive at a new location, this might something I would invest in.

I did have a mass liker app that I paid for before I took a break from Tinder. It even allowed me to change locations, which wasn’t a feature available on Tinder at the time. I tried using it again, but of course it won’t allow me to change locations or like anymore once I reached my limit since I don’t have the paid version so that is a slight bummer.

At first I wasn’t a big fan of Tinder limiting swipes and coming out with a paid version to allow for unlimited swipes, redo left swipes and change locations. But now I see how matches will now be considered more valuable to the limited amount of resources and more careful consideration and investment required for each swipe. If you really want to have more of an edge in the Tinder game, then paying for the app may work for you. I’m curious to how many of you are using Tinder Plus and if you think it is worth it? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what you guys think.

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