Law of Persistence

There are moments when you are glad your determination and will to move forward had payed off. It’s something I like to call the Law of Persistence. This can appear in anything you put your mind too and especially shows during game.. If you apply enough will power and action and do not get phased by any obstacles, then you will usually get what you want. Whether it would be your dream job or dream girl.

Persistence always pays offI had this funny situation happen to me one time when I was at this NYC bar called Johnny Utah’s. It’s a really cool western style type of bar where they have this mechanical bull. It’s especially fun watching people attempt to ride the bull and fail many times. Anyway, I opened this mixed group with 3 girls and 1 guy. I said something that offended where one of the girls is from and the others noticed and got upset. I apologized and ejected the set early.

I then realized that I could turn around the set somehow, I didn’t know how or had a plan, but I just jumped back in. I reopened the set with another apology and with high energy, complemented the whole group from where they’re from and did some kino escalation by placing my hands on two of the girls shoulders for a bit and shook the guys hand, which made the set hook and I was in.

Another set that was interesting was when opened this gorgeous girl and she was not receptive at all for a while. I kept breaking rapport and teasing her until I saw some positive responses. Then I started socializing with her friends and making them laugh. I broke rapport and slightly teased her that I was now a part of the group and can continue gaming my girl. What were you able to accomplish when you were persistent?

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5 Replies to “Law of Persistence”

  1. Will can’t pat himself on the back, so I’ll do it for him…

    Will, you are the most persistent guy I know. You don’t even consider another option until you reach your objective or the whole thing blows up in your face. The persistence is commendable. Keep it up!

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