Kiss Before The Pull

This is one of the most common mistakes guys make when pulling a girl back to their place. If the guy hasn’t kissed her before bringing her back to his place or any other private sex location, then how does he expect to escalate things further at the private location?

kiss hair pull

Kissing the girl sets a precedent that there is attraction between you and you two are no longer “friend” and there is a possibility of taking things further. By not kissing her and then bringing her back to your place, she doesn’t expect things to escalate and if you, all of the sudden, make a move, she will be taken aback and be surprised. She doesn’t see you as the type of guy to make any moves and escalate so you are being incongruent with your more “friendly” behaviors earlier.

One of my roommate used to have this problem a lot when he was out gaming with girls. Most of the time he would meet girls on Tinder and set up a date to see them in person. When he would go on the date with them, he would game her normally by breaking rapport to generate attraction and qualify her to get investment. He was missing one key thing though…

He wasn’t escalating enough and he wouldn’t kiss the girl before bringing her back to the place. Every single time he would bring her back and THEN start escalating at the house, she would give LMR (last minute resistance), get uncomfortable and ended up leaving.

I used to do that a lot when I was first started gaming. I would generate a lot of attraction and investment but not escalate enough before the pull. Once I started kissing girls before pulling, my close rate increased dramatically. Same thing happened with my roommate once he started kissing them. The girls would give way less resistance, if any, and he started closing more. Remember to kiss her before you bring her back to your place.

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