Keep Your Place Clean!!!

Friends dirty apartmentNothing can ruin a set for you and give you LMR than having your place look like a tornado came to visit. This will destroy comfort with girls and it will have her thinking you are some kind of slob who doesn’t take care of himself and doesn’t have his shit together.

Having super tight game is not always enough. You need to set up your bachelor pad to be a comfort building, sex haven for women or you will just run into resistance and lose the set.

I remember first moving into my wing’s house in Hollywood. He was a hoarder. It was terrible He would keep everything he’s ever had in his life, always gets more random shit, and never throw anything away. The living room was basically a storage unit for all his shit. And it wasn’t organized either. It was just a blob of complete useless things to be in the living room.

Myself and my other wings, who were also staying at the house, told him that we had to do some cleaning up or no woman would set foot into this house. Luckily, he had a spare guest room that nobody was using, where we just put as much shit as we could in there.

Everything else, we either put in the attic, somewhere concealed outside, or had him sell or get rid off. You could finally walk around the house without stepping on a slinky or nerf gun. Nerf guns can be a lot of fun and can be a good seed for a pull, but it shouldn’t be laying in the middle of the living room, but that’s another topic.

Right now, I’m staying at a friend’s apartment in Las Vegas with a few other roommates. I’m getting a friendly reminder on the importance of keeping your place clean and organized. Living with a few other people, you may have luggage and clothes laying around, leftover food, dirty dishes, etc.

When I first arrived in Vegas about a week ago, I was just settling in, getting my bearings and catching up with work. After a few days, I noticed my stuff and a few of the other guy’s stuff starting piling up like our work gear, clothes, groceries, food, etc. It’s not as bad if you live by yourself, but the cumulative effect of living with other people will cause things to pile up quicker. We all noticed this and started cleaning it up to make it more presentable.

Whether you live by yourself or with others, make it a habit to clean up the place and make it look somewhat decent. It doesn’t have to be feng shui or look like you have OCD. As long as it LOOKS good, that’s all that matters. You can hide shit in unused rooms or put dirty dishes in the dishwasher if you haven’t cleaned them yet, and make your bed! You want to make her feel comfortable as soon as she walks into your place up until the sex location. You will encounter less resistance and it will just make everything smoother.

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