Keep Her Mind Occupied

woman thinkingLet’s say you are out with friends one night and game a girl properly. You broke rapport to create attraction and you qualify her to get investment. You pre-seeded the pull and got some buy-in from her for an after party at your place. You manage to pull her from the club and now you are on your way back to the party. The party is back at your place, which is about 15 – 30 min away and you need to keep their mind occupied so she doesn’t rationalize and start thinking about the implied nature of sex and start having second thoughts and giving you resistance. How do you do this?

This is one of the exceptions to game where you just talk about whatever have an “AFC” conversation or just fluff talk. It doesn’t really matter what you talk about, as long as your mouth is moving and she is listening. You can talk about yourself, the environment, even ask “boring” interview questions and she will be engaged because her BT is already high from you leading her and she’s on the way to the party. You can even put on some cool music and sing along with her. You just need to keep her mind occupied. This is especially important when you are pulling a group of girls back somewhere. You need to keep them all engaged and keep the the conversation going. Avoid the obvious taboo topics like religion, politics, etc. Whenever they start asking if they are almost at the destination, just say that you are almost there and then change the subject.

night car driving

I remember multiple times when I first started pulling girls that I messed up a bit because I didn’t know what to talk about and the conversation kinda dwindled and it got kinda awkward. She felt a little uneasy and she went back to her friends inside the venue. You just have to be casual and talk about whatever is on your mind. When I pulled girls from the Las Vegas strip to go back to the house, I even just had small talk with the cab driver. I was just being social and having something to talk about.. Sometimes you won’t need to keep the conversation going that much with her as she already full bought in into the idea of going back home with you and she initiated the pull, but you should also talk out of habit and keep things flowing and smooth.

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    • This is definitely true when pulling. Silence can be a good thing in the early stages to build sexual tension or put pressure on her to continue qualifying herself.

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