Investment Game Part 3 | The Key to Getting Laid

You need to qualify her and solve logistics if you want to get laid. I explained the foundations of qualifying her and concept of preloading to manipulate other people’s behaviors and thoughts to benefit you.  Here we are going to go over the aspect of building a deeper connection with the girl with larger qualifying questions. The process of her giving a rather large or emotional response is big investment for her and the more time you spend with her, the deeper that connection will be. You’ll discover the 4 magic questions that will cover logistics and help you get laid that night.

Deep Connection

One of the best ways to get investment from her is to have a deeper level of conversation and connect with her that she does not usually encounter with someone she just met.  Check out the fundamentals of conversation.  Here is a quick question for you. What is everybody’s favorite topic?  100%, it is themselves.  It may sound kind of shallow or selfish but it is true. Listen carefully to other people’s conversation and you will notice that most people don’t really care or listen to what the other person is saying.  They are only waiting for the other person to finish talking so they can start talking about themselves or their own problems or successes.

Girl and Guy in Deep Conversation

Your goal is to get to know her as best as much as possible and create a deep connection for her to feel comfortable and trust you. Talk about her career, hobbies and where she is from and build a commonalities with her.  Ask her questions that nobody usually asks her like, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  After she gives her answer, you reward her for her honesty and then follow up with, “Wow, that’s really cool, what made you decide to not follow through with it and have other pursuits?”  “What do you like to do for fun?”  Ask opened ended questions and dig deeper to the question with whys so she will feel more appreciative that somebody genuinely interested and asking her such unique questions.

Covering Logistics

You can preload ideas to the girl on progressing the interaction forward. For example, if you are at a dance club, you can say that you really like the music and always have a fun time dancing when this song plays on.  If she responds positively, you can say, “Let’s go dance then” and lead her by the hand and do some dance floor game.

You could also say that are starting to get hungry and would love to grab a bite to eat of your favorite food.  Again, if she agrees, you can suggest bouncing out of the club go eat.

Another form of preloading is when you pre-seed the pull by mentioning something cool at your place during the middle of the interaction that you could later bring up that you want to show her so she can stop by.

Logistics will either work for you or against you.  It’s up to you to figure out the situation throughout the conversation by intermittently asking logistical questions.  The 4 main logistical questions to ask her are…

Who are you here with?

You need to find out if she is with her boyfriend or husband and who her girlfriends are so you can befriend them and disarm them if need be.  It will be rare if she is alone, unless her friends already left or she lost them or she is an escort.  This will be valuable information to navigate the interaction.

Where are you staying?

This will be necessary to know as to whether you will be able to bounce her back to her place or your place.  If she is staying very close to the venue and lives by herself, that might be the optimal option.  If she is staying far and lives with roommates or her parents, you might want to consider a more practical location.

What are you doing later tonight?

This is a simple question that will help determine if you will be able to same night lay (SNL) her.  If she is busy tonight or has plans, you’ll have to see if it will be beneficial it to go along with it and game her as long as possible or decide if you could change her plans to be doing something that will be more favorable to you.  For example, she could be going to a diner with her friends after the club and you could join or invite her to the “afterparty” back at your place.

What are you doing tomorrow morning?

If she has work the next morning or has something important to do, she may not be available for a SNL tonight.  That will have to be your call to make as to whether you should go for a quick close or time bridge and set up another time to meet.

man and woman in bed after sex

Remember that you don’t want to ask these questions one after another.  They should casually be asked in between topics of conversation so you can gather intelligence.  It is also a big IOI if she starts asking you these logistical questions herself.  That means that she is down-to-fuck (DTF) and making it obvious to you.  You can capitalize on this and escalate the interaction quicker if that’s the case.  She may even help in this case as well, but it is your job to move things forward.

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