Investment Game Part 1 | Qualification

cafe date qualificationNothing can solidify an attraction more than investment. I discussed earlier how investment can be powerful. Now we will talk about different ways to get her to invest. Specifically, we will see the benefits of qualification and how to get her to qualify. If you really want her to stick around even after you built attraction, you’re going to want to get her to invest into you. You can also trigger investment by breaking rapport but that’s more short term and does not create as long and strong as an impact as the ones we are about to discuss.  Attraction can quickly fade away if you haven’t built deep enough connection through investment.

What is qualification?

Qualification has two aspects to it… the noun and the verb.

Qualification (noun): Your ideal image, behaviors, and characteristics of the type of woman and relationship you want.

Qualification (verb): Screening the woman to see if she fits your criteria or framing to create those qualities out of a her.

Let’s focus on the noun aspect first and why this is important.  A lot of guys that first get into game and don’t have a lot of women in their life don’t really know what type of woman or relationship they want.  Let me ask you, do you know EXACTLY what you want?  If you do, that’s great!  If you don’t, not to worry, now is the perfect place to start.

But you may be asking, “Will, I don’t really care what kind of girl I want, as long as she is pretty and will like me for who I am.”  Sorry to break it to you, but that is the WRONG mentality to have, let me explain…

Picture a guy whose always been successful with beautiful women all his life. He has had his picking of many beautiful women and now beauty is something that is very common to him.  He now looks for something more than just good looks.  He may look for a specific personality, someone who share’s a particular interest or even someone with an exotic look. The point is, is that he is coming from the position of having a mentality of abundance.  Women notice and pick up on that when talking to him.  They will subconsciously feel that he has many women in his life and be more attracted and will want to qualify to him. See how powerful this is?

Here is a quick exercise for you to do.  Write down five traits (physical, behavioral, etc.) of your ideal woman and five traits that turn offs for you.  You don’t have to totally blow somebody off if they have one of the negative traits. Use this as your guideline as you begin to talk to woman. For example, one of my less than ideal traits in a woman is if she is a smoker. I may not get into a serious relationship with her, but I could do a slight disqualification and may give her a chance to “win” me over.

Now let’s get into the verbal aspect of qualification.  These are the techniques you use to find out if the girl you are talking to fits your criteria and if she doesn’t… how you can use some psychological tactics to create those favorable behavioral responses? I must warn you though, in the wrong hands, this could be used for EVIL.  As the saying goes, “With great Power, comes great Responsibility.”  Here are some ways you can start qualifying her.


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