Investment Game is Powerful

investmentWant  to get the girl and keep her? Get her to invest! Have you ever gamed a girl really well and you go for the number close, but she says she has a boyfriend or she is married? If your game was not tight enough, these may very well be just be fake excuses, but there are some women out there that have a really great thing going that no matter how good your game is, you will not be able to close her. This is because of investment. Think about it…

If you spend all your time and effort into something and received good feelings from it, you are going to continue doing it to benefit from it.

One example could be that you’ve been working for many years and saved up to buy a house. You look for the perfect dream house that fits your budget and savings. After laboring those many years, you finally find your home and place a down payment and move into your place. You are very happy to have worked very hard for your house.

Later on that day, you find out that your rich relative buys you a very similar house in the same neighborhood. Which one would you choose? You would decide to live in the house you bought because it has more sentimental value due the effort you put into it and you would probably either sell the other house or rent it out.

This is the same thing for building and sustaining attraction and comfort with the opposite sex. If you are able to have the girl invest in you long enough, build commonalities and vibe with her, there is a very low chance that she will run off to some “high value” guy that has very good game but no investment. She will also more likely stay with you then go off to her friends. How do you build investment? Use qualification techniques to get her to invest.

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