How To Text A Girl And Reduce Flakes

how to text a girlYou got the girl’s number. Great! You guys had a good interaction and now you’re planning a date over text. You’re having fun and text each other back and forth for a bit. Then all of a sudden, she went cold. What happened?!?

Gaming a girl in person is a much more critical factor than gaming her over text. She is investing a lot more when you’re with her in person than when you text her, so you can build a lot more attraction and rapport. You can grab a flaky number and no matter how good your text game is, it’s an uphill battle that could have been avoided.

However, your face-to-face game can be top notch, but if you notice the girls quickly losing interest over text, then you may be making some of these common mistakes.

Here are some general guidelines and principles to follow to hep get your text game where it needs to be. Check out this funny and educational video by YouTuber, sWooZie, on how to text a girl.

He hits on a lot of great points on texting that some fail to do. This also applies to online dating and messaging on other platforms. You don’t want to be investing or texting more than she is. It should be kept at a 1:1 ratio or less. If you text more than her you will seem needy and lose attraction and value. Don’t be texting for the sake of texting.

Keep things light and playful, but your goal is to set up logistics to see her in person and do some “cuddling”. Ending your texts in a question invokes a response so you’re not left as the last person to text. Qualify her and make her chase you. How are you texting her?

Want to learn how to text like a pro and get girls online? Check out the official guide for Tinder:

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