How To Instantly Command The Room And Attract Women

command a roomHow do people perceive you when you walk into a room? Do they ignore you or wonder who you are? People will react to your differently depending on how you carry yourself. You can easily modify your behavior and command the room and get women’s attention, If people don’t even know you exist now.

One of the key ways of doing this is though your walk. How do you walk now? If you feel like you need to get somewhere, you may try to walk there as fast as possible without running. Nothing wrong with being efficient, but walking fast will not create attraction or convey high value.

If you want to take over the room, then you need to walk more slowly. Walk with your head facing straight ahead. Don’t look down and show submissiveness. Have your shoulders back and back straight. This will display confident and high status body language, which is very attractive. Men of power walk slowly. Be aware of your walk and make it a habit. You will immediately notice a difference.

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